Disha - Your Journey

In much of India, mental health is a taboo and is simply not talked about. This silence often creates serious disturbances for many people, especially youth and students who need a helping hand, someone, to discuss their fears, apprehensions, anxiety and career goals.

There is rather a myth in our country that only the presence of an event related to a psychological or psychiatric disorder demands our attention; even that happens when the condition has already deteriorated.

Just like our physical health, our mental health needs constant attention; and to deliver this, the Narayana Group of Institutions has taken the initiative through the Disha project. The Disha project is now live and any individual, especially students and parents who want to speak to a panel of experts and get support for achieving soundness of mind can reach out to the Disha helpline number 1800-419-1828 and get counselled for free.

To make this facility further approachable, The Narayana Group is associated with 92.7 big FM and will conduct a weekly radio program every Wednesday with RJ Shekhar Basha and The Disha Program Head from 6:00PM to 8:00PM.

The Disha program has 50+ counsellors catering to over 4 lakh students in Narayana schools and junior colleges around the country guiding students through their challenges and helping them improve their mental resilience.

With the radio show, Narayana is aiming to make the dialogue (on Student Mental Health, Student Mental Awareness, Student Wellness and an overall rise in problem-solving skills) bigger, better and impactful as it is focused on getting young people across the city (Hyderabad) to talk about mental wellbeing.

The Radio program focuses on:

  • Co-creating an environment where we can all work on our mental health as a basic life skill.
  • Build a culture of sensitivity towards those who need it most.
  • How to normalize mental health hygiene and see it as a part of our overall well-being on a day-to-day basis.

The program will be aired on BIG FM 92.7 every Wednesday in the form of an interview conducted by RJ Shekhar Basha, an RJ known for voicing his support to social causes. The program will have Disha counsellors who will answer to any query and concern affecting the overall well-being and mental wellness of the youth, the students, the concerned parents and largely anyone who tunes in to the program or calls the Disha helpline for assistance.

Disha – your journey
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