Foundation Programme in Narayana Schools

The theme of success for any educational institution should be its academic standards and the process of mastering conceptualization to its students. Many schools prepare and provide different programmes, but when it comes to the outcome, the success rate may drop.

Narayana Schools offer scientifically designed concepts for success. These factors of success start with authentic student evaluation on concepts and fundamentals. This process of assessment in education then proceeds towards the mastery of the said concepts and fundamentals through different programmes.

Narayana Schools foundation programme starts with a wide range of channels from Class VI of primary schooling and continues through secondary education. The course deliberately gains pace with each standard.

Foundation courses are essential because they not only improve the basics but also provide a robust educational platform towards students’ future. These foundation courses can be branched as per the requirements into evaluations, strategies, measures, workshops, sessions exams etc depending on a student-to-student basis and then working towards increasing their competencies.

The NIFT Programme at Narayana

Narayana Introductory Fundamental Test, a programme specifically designed to create and implement strategies to improve basics. Divided into pre-NIFT and post-NIFT, the former focuses on students starting from class VI. Students will be assessed with their knowledge base of previous standard i.e Class V through a pre-NIFT exam. After evaluation, NIFT course is conducted followed by a post-NIFT exam. This pattern of formative and summative assessment makes students’ increase their skill and knowledge

The Micro-Schedule Programme

Micro-Schedule is a programme invented for time-management and for following a broader curriculum in PCMB. It is a strategic device advanced for exams like NEET and JEE. It covers topic-wise syllabus and groundwork for time management for taking entrances. Small schedules are allotted to cover all topics. Measures are taken that no topic is missed, this makes the students that they are up to date with the broader curriculum.

Scientifically Designed Textbooks

The textbooks act as a strong foundation for students. At Narayana Schools, textbooks have integrated syllabus. Textbooks are systematically prepared with:

  • Definitions
  • Synopsis
  • Memo-graphs
  • Level-wise worksheets
  • Hints and solutions

Concepts, Definition & Formulae (CDF) Foundation Programme

CDF Programme established for the purpose of mastering concepts, definitions and formulae. During the programme, a thorough interaction takes place between pupils and teachers for clarification of doubts. A weekly once test is conducted for the evaluation of students. This mastery over fundamentals lays a strong foundation for future exams of the student.

Apart from the above several other programmes like bridge-course materials and competitive materials are made available for students to master the fundamentals and excel in their goal setting.

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