Women entrepreneurs in India are experiencing remarkable growth, and their valuable contributions are increasing every day. Recent statistics reveal that approximately 8 million women, accounting for 14 percent of all entrepreneurs in India, are driving this positive change. Women-led businesses in India today employ around 23.3 percent of the labour force. It is only a matter of time before these numbers grow exponentially in the coming years.

Dr. Sindhura Narayana, a gold medallist in MBBS and the Director of the Narayana Educational Institutions, is now ready to play her part in empowering and helping Women entrepreneurs realise their dreams through an exciting new platform.

Dr. Sindhura will be joining as one of the Angel investors at Aha-Nenu Super Woman! A new business reality show, on the Telugu-language OTT platform “Aha”, which aims to provide a substantial stage for women entrepreneurs from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to pitch their business ideas and vision in exchange for funding or seed capital. Dr. Sindhura will be a part of the multi-member team of Angels who will be listening to the pitches.

The makers of the show could not have approached a better person for this exciting role. With her extensive experience as the Director of one of Asia’s biggest educational conglomerates since 2011, Dr. Sindhura has a deep understanding of value creation and possesses a keen eye for identifying individuals who have the qualities necessary to successfully lead and manage an organisation.

During her tenure as Director, Dr. Sindhura went through several challenges in ensuring the consistency of Narayana’s products and services and was instrumental in their expansion from 3 states in 2011 to 23 in 2023. "We brought in a structure wherein nationwide, each Narayana classroom follows a meticulously designed, uniform microschedule, through which we teach identical content concurrently," stated Dr. Sindhura while talking about the success of the organisation's highly successful Microschedule model of education.

While discussing other major hurdles that she faced, she stated, “For us, introducing a system wherein a child studies from an integrated curriculum that has content from CBSE, ICSE, and State Boards, balancing the preparation for both board and competitive examinations, was quite challenging”.

Being a staunch believer in the mantra ‘Sramayeva Jayate’ in both personal and professional life, Dr. Sindhura says that anyone who works hard and is persistent is destined to achieve their dream. And this is what she will be looking out for in candidates when she takes on the role of an Angel in the upcoming TV show.

"I am on the hunt for entrepreneurs whose vision is clear, compelling, and transformative. I want to be moved, to feel the passion behind your venture, and to see the grit in your team. I'm all in to give my constant support and active investment of my time, energy, and money where I see promise, resilience, and a commitment to excellence." Said Dr. Sindhura when asked about the qualities she will be searching for in candidates.

The Founder of Narayana Educational Institutions, Dr. Ponguru Narayana, believes that Dr. Sindhura is best at whatever task she dedicates herself to, and this will be no different. He is proud of her decision to empower and support female entrepreneurs. "Her efforts have helped over 200,000 girls across 23 states realise their dreams and defy societal barriers. Seeing the tangible impact she has on the lives of so many fills my heart with an emotion that I find hard to describe—a mix of pride, admiration, and gratitude." Said Dr. P. Narayana while talking about her contribution to women's empowerment.

Since 2011, Dr. Sindhura has spearheaded Narayana Educational Institutions with the goal of providing high-quality education to students nationwide, with a particular focus on empowering girls. Through her tireless endeavours, she has successfully enabled more than 200,000 girls from 23 states to pursue their aspirations and overcome societal obstacles that hinder their progress.

Dr. Sindhura is passionate about empowering women in their entrepreneurial endeavours and her active participation in the reality show will add an additional dimension to her efforts to promote women's empowerment.