A Unit of Narayana group of schools, India offers unparalleled quality holistic education in the field of Pre-primary. Narayana e-Kids the land of exploring tender minds. Our objective is to nurture the child into individuals possessing highly developed intellectual, physical and social skills. We aim at setting qualitative standards in education which will ensure that all students experience seamless transition globally.

The success of ‘NARAYANA’ briefly lies on the four pillars-common schedule, common teaching, We strive at synthesizing traditional values with futuristic approach. We make the tender minds prepared to transform into best kidizens. We make the learning a mode of enjoyment for little ones and a mode of learning for teachers.



The Narayana Group is committed To create responsible kidizens, develop intellectual potential, embrace change. To empower creativity in tender minds Forge new traditions and make students ready to face the modern society.


The Narayana Group is committed to In Lay a strong foundation through quality early childhood education. Encourage children to inculcate a habit of earning and be a lifelong learner.

Aim & Objectives

The Narayana Group is committed to To be Holistic development of the child. To impact social, cultural and child centric education To inspire and empower children to think Independently.

Classroom Setup

Classroom setup instills learning atmosphere where children learn the concepts with unconscious efforts which is called as ‘emergent literacy’.

9 variables (Birthday chart, Weather chart, Kids corner, Time table chart, Theme board, Rhymes chart, Story chart, Ground rules (placards) and Sight words.



  • General timings from Monday to Friday (8.30am to 1:00pm)
  • Assembly (8.30am to 8.45am)
  • Session starts from 8.45 am onwards (as per the micro schedule) .

Pre-primary school assembly provides young students with an opportunity to exhibit their talents and knowledge with the school community. Children also develop valuable public presentation skills and experience when they host an assembly.

Our Curriculum, An amalgamation of the best practices.

Learning transfers from one context to another more effectively when the learner understands not only the facts, but also the ‘big picture’- the underlying principles, patterns and relationships that is acquired through the application of knowledge.

The learner not only develops content, but also procedural knowledge, such as the meta-cognitive awareness of when and how to apply what is being learnt.

Core instructional material

  • Micro Schedule
  • Monthly Planner
  • Practicare
  • Jerry’s Booster pack
  • Hindi/Telugu
  • Cursive Writing
  • Hace- Hojas
  • My file of facts
  • Teacher’s Handbook

Micro Schedule

What is Micro schedule: It is a self-explanatory curriculum which is given to the students twice in an Academic Year.This document gives direction to the parents and teachers. It encompasses the activities that are taken up in a month and conversation questions to enhance communication skills in the students.

Salient features of Micro Schedule

  • Theme based
  • Self-explanatory
  • Teacher directed
  • Parent directed

Features of Micro Schedule

  • TLMs to be used by the teacher
  • Procedure to use the TLMs
  • Home Assignment
  • Events & Celebrations
  • Month’s Activities
  • Conversation Questions
  • Practicare
  • Hace - Hojas
  • Rhymes & Stories of the month

Monthly Planner.

A macro planner sent out to the Parent every month a consolidated micro schedule.

It is a work book designed in co-relation with the text book.

Jerry Booster
Holiday package fun sheets issued thrice a year before the holidays.

Hindi / Telugu Practicare
A language text book and work book

Cursive Writing Book
A practice writing book to develop writing skills

Hace –Hojas
Supplementary work sheets to reinforce concepts

My file of facts
A Student diary for communication between home and school

Teacher’s Handbook
It is a handbook maintained by the teachers to monitor continuous progression of the students and record the anecdotes during the teaching-learning process.

In an academic year 2 Assessments and 2 Term –End Assessments are conducted after each semester.

Progressive Assessment Record
The report card is given to the Parent once in a semester after completion of assessment during the PTM.

Awards & Rewards
In each term, appreciation for the competitions is given as medals and certificates. 1st prize – Gold medal, 2nd Prize – silver and the 3rd prize – Bronze.

Monthly events & Celebrations
Events and celebrations is a platform for students to display their innate talent and skills.

Monthly Magazine –Tiny Toes
Monthly newsletter helps the parents to be abreast of the events of the school.

Tablon Panel (Bulletin board)
It stands as a reflection and philosophy of the school. It contains information of the month’s activities. It shows the creativity and innovative ideas of the school team.

Teacher Empowerment

Teacher empowerment is strongly correlated with task motivation and shows higher levels of organizational commitment. Teachers’ Empowerment program @ e-kidz is designed to equip teachers with all sorts of arsenals for conceptual and practical teaching. The training programs are of cascade model. Subject experts who are called as districts HODs and Program in-charges who take care of the implementation are trained by the Central Office team. The districts HODs there by train the teachers of their respective zones.



Family and school represent the primary environment in which young children grow and develop. Parents are apprised of their ward’s performance on a regular and on one-to-one basis during the Parent Teacher Meeting.

Open House & Orientation

Orientation program is an event where a group of parents are oriented on pedagogical or non-pedagogical aspects which are conducted in the beginning of the academic year. Open house is an event where the parents are sensitized to the year-long activities undertaken for e-kids.