e-champs: The Primary World of Fun for I to V Classes:


The best primary schools in India, Narayana e-champs offers smart and exceptional quality education aiming to nurture higher order thinking skills through holistic development for children from ages 6 to 12. Established in 2006 it is the primary-school wing of Narayana Group of Schools with numerous students enrolled in the CBSE curriculum in branches across the country. In guiding young minds to tread the path of curiosity, psychosocial, motor and communication skills in your child. It helps them secure strong Metacognition which we believe, channels their impulse towards awaiting adolescence effectively for university and global success, e-champs sets a platform for young learners to blossom with flying colours in chosen areas of excellence with respect to the global community.

Our Values, Your Accomplishments

A platform to the young buddies to blossom tomorrow with flying colours of achievement in all the chosen areas of excellence with respect to the global community. We help e-champs nurture and evolve into open-minded, ethical and caring individuals.

e-champs curriculum is designed to tender quality education to accomplish holistic development to empower the excellence in academics and make e-champs the successful individuals of tomorrow. Our curriculum begins with vision of graduating the kids with a proper plan and designed structure that aims at making the e-champs smart pedagogy. Smart teachers/Faculty, smart curriculum Contents, smart activities, smart assessment to transform them into smart e-champs.


Why Narayana Primary Schools

  • A platform to young buddies to blossom tomorrow with flying colours of achievement in all the chosen areas of excellence with respect to global community.
  • Curriculum on par with international standards.
  • Students with friendly activity-oriented approach.
  • Continuous and comprehensive evaluation.
  • Enlivens the learning process through math lab activity.
  • Hones problem solving and analytical problems through Academic Aptitudes sheets and activities.
  • Abacus to develop mental arithmetic challenges of capabilities of child.
  • Projects to inculcate scientific temper and competitive spirit.
  • Interactive video conference sessions for extempore building.
  • E-learning modules fir interactive demonstrations.
  • Grooming talents through ‘e-champs international magazine (Robinage monthly magazine).
  • N-TOP Narayana Target Olympiad programme for 4th and 5th standard students designed to focus mainly for preparing the students for state and national level competitive exams.
  • Play method of teaching.
A Bouquet of Programmes to Facilitate the Academics.

Smart e-champs infra at Narayana

Well-furnished classrooms with a beautiful atmosphere to facilitate teaching and learning process :

  • Classroom Set up and Bulletin Board: Schools creative reflection boards that create a positive and encouraging ambience for inside (classroom) and outside teaching programmes.
  • Well furnished e-labs and technical equipment
  • The primary Programme enhances the effective language skills mathematics, EVS, science and social science which follow the guide lines of CBSE curriculum strengthened with conceptual interactive technology-based input. A blend of fun filled, and activity based academic booklets.


Smart e-Champs Content at Narayana

The primary Programme enhances the effective Language skills, Mathematics EVS/Science and social sciences which follow guidelines of CBSE Curriculum strengthened with conceptual interactive technology-based inputs. A blend of fun filled, and academic activity based take away booklets

  • Micro schedule booklets: A day to day minute wise curriculum given in advance to the child to enable parents to have an insight of classroom activities.
  • Home work sheets booklets: Creatively designed complete conceptual reinforcement worksheets for e-champs.
  • Academic Aptitudes sheets: Creatively designed complete activity-based worksheets for strengthening higher order thinking skills.
  • Boogie Woogie booklets: Holiday, Happy day, Jolly day to Boogie Woogie a complete creatively designed fun filled activity booklet for e-champs.
  • Abacus booklets: To boost the math skills.
  • Grammar books: Enhancing the English language development.
  • Monthly Magazine – An assimilation of school activities and current affairs.
  • Achievers Booklets: Enhancing the children knowledge to face competitive exams.
  • N-TOP: Narayana Target Olympiad Programme is a competitive mode of examination for 4th and 5th class students designed to focus mainly for preparing state and national level competitive exams. It develops mathematical curiosity using inductive and deductive reasoning to solve problem with speed and accuracy. Besides enriching skills like observation, classification, inference, prediction and scientific temper, N-TOP enhances English grammar and vocabulary to hone language skills.
  • Common teaching, Common Analysis and Common result at Narayana Schools.

Program Details

Smart e-Champs Teachers

  • Ample hiring of qualified teachers
  • Quarterly orientation programs are held at regional and central level to update the faculty with the latest teaching methodology.
  • NTAT Narayana teacher’s assessment test: Continuous Comprehensive assessment programmes to equip teachers with standard teaching techniques with subject up gradation.

Smart e-Champs Network: Partnering with Parents

Family and school represent the primary environment in which young children grow and develop. Parents are apprised of their ward’s performance on a regular basis on one-to-one basis. Parent Orientation programmes are part of institutional routine at LEAP schools.

A complete network between parent- student and teacher

  • Parent teachers meeting to facilitate sharing of knowledge, thoughts and vision there by adding enriched perception to the information process.
  • Parents become significant stakeholders in the complete knowledge process.
  • Parents are oriented through various workshops to be effective e-champs parents.
  • “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success

Come and join us… We contour children to grow on multiple dimensions.