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Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) plays a significant role in the Indian education system. The board came into existence in the year 1921 and ever since its establishment it has only grown to now have 19,316 schools in the Indian subcontinent. The education board was established to adopt a holistic approach towards the education of the school going children. The primary goal of the board was to establish a positive and stress-free environment where the students can reach their true potential. The board also has 211 schools abroad in 25 other countries. Much like CBSE the Narayana Group was established to provide a positive learning environment to the youth of the country so that they can become their best. The group was established almost four decades back and now has 560+ education centres in India, which comprises not only of schools but of coaching centres, junior colleges, engineering colleges, management colleges, IAS coaching centres and management colleges. The group also have several CBSE syllabus schools in Bangalore which have an amazing track record of producing bright minds that leave a mark in the education world.

The CBSE syllabus schools under the Narayana group have the same goal as the Narayan educational institute. Ever since it's the establishment in the year, 1979 had only one goal that was to provide high-quality education to the students and provide interdisciplinary studies. The founder of the Narayana institute Dr Ponguru Naryana had a different view of education. To him, education was not only about developing intellectual skills but also the physical and social skills of the students and providing an enriching and enjoyable experience where the students can flourish. The CBSE syllabus schools under the Narayana institute reflect the founder's educational philosophy.

The CBSE syllabus schools in Bangalore under the Narayana Institute makes use of audiovisual equipment and several other technologies like LCD projectors because the institute believes that it fosters creativity, enjoyment as well as an understanding of the concept. Apart from using technologies creatively, fun quizzes, debates and discussions are held to develop their creative thinking and making the learning process fun. Narayana Institute is known for its VCAN which is short for video conferencing at Narayana, which is great for collaborative projects.

The schools under Narayana institute have adopted the zero error plans, whereby the mistakes made by the students are identified and are then used to help the students identify the underlying problem and rectify their mistakes. Individual classes are also given to clear any doubts regarding the topic.

Students are evaluated twice a week and based on the evaluation results they achieve their place in the local and state levels. This rank-based evaluation helps them to prepare for the competitive exams as they can strategize for attaining a higher rank.

All the school under the Narayan institute have excellent infrastructure for an enriching academic experience. All their schools have laboratories, computer labs and libraries.

Yoga, counselling and meditation – With exams and evaluations every two weeks students are bound to get stressed. The group's schools thus provide yoga, meditation and counselling sessions to its students have them relax.

E-projects – These projects help students to develop their research and presentation skills, and since these projects generally require working in a team, it also helps to foster team spirit. This program is only available with the group's Olympiad programme.

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