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One of the most important entrance exams in India is the Common Entrance Test (CET). It serves as the gateway for students who are looking to get an admission in a professional course in various educational domains such as dental, medicine, engineering, architecture, etc. offered in colleges and institutions in different states across the country. However, it is important for students and their parents to understand that many Indian states also organize their own CET for students seeking admission into either state colleges or other professional colleges that are affiliated with their respective state-run universities. Some of the most popular regional entrance tests in India includes names such as Karnataka CET, TANCET (Tamil Nadu), and EAMCET (Andhra Pradesh). Another popular name in the list of state CETs is TS EAMCET -- the engineering, agricultural, and medical common entrance test organized in Telangana. Conducted by Jawaharlal Nehru Technical University (JNTU) on behalf of the Telangana State Council of Higher Education (TSCHE), TS EAMCET is used for admission to courses such as B.E., B. Tech, B. Sc., B. Pharm, B.F. Sc., etc. in the state of Telangana.

Now when aspirants factor in the sheer number of students who attempt this exam every year, it becomes quite evident exactly why this exam is considered such a tough nut to crack. Careful evaluation of the TS EAMCET format and other relevant factors reveals that students who hope to ace this entrance examination must have a deep academic background and combine it with a sustained training programme so as to ensure success. Thus, it is easy to see why such a crucial phase in any student's life requires steadfast support from an educational facility such as Narayana's EAMCET coaching classes in Hyderabad.

Dedicated to students' success, the Narayana Group recognizes precisely the attention to detail and commitment it takes to achieve high marks in TS EAMCET. This understanding of students' educational needs is based on the Group's well-established tradition of delivering A1 results in a variety of exams including CET and myriad other competitive national and international level examinations. The Narayana Group, among Asia's largest educational conglomerates, is fortified by almost four decades of experience in the education sector in India. Currently present in 13 states in the country, the Group has over 360,000 students pursuing different educational fields and 35,000 skilled teaching and non-teaching faculty in its 560+ academic centres. The relentless pursuit of academic excellence has also lead to inclusion of a wide variety of institutions in the Narayana Group's network of educational institutes: It comprises schools, junior colleges, coaching centres, medical, engineering and management institutions, and IAS training academies. Today, the Narayana name is not only renowned as the benchmark of education in India and has become synonymous with excellent results in not just national and state level competitive examinations but also internal competitive exams.

The Narayana Junior College (NJC) is an acclaimed initiative by the Group that provides specialist resources with the aim of giving students access to one of the best EAMCET coaching centres in Hyderabad. What enables NJC to deliver excellent results is the Narayana Group's comprehensive understanding of the vital role standards XI and XII play a child's life and how they influence their professional careers. The Narayana Group is cognizant of the fact that this progression not only stands to affect students' choice of profession but also their turn of mind, making it an integral part of the Narayana Group's all round education strategy. And this is also why the Narayana Group has adopted an outlook that isn't focussed on just the mastery of conceptual knowledge but also enabling practice via students' personal development. The NJC, with over 400 branches in the country, takes in more than 5 lakh students every year in standards XI and XII. And each NJC branch uses several modern educational programmes such as the Common Schedule-Exam-Ranking Model and In-Depth Personalised Assessment. Devised especially for the Narayana Junior College umbrella, these academic techniques help students deliver excellent performance in a wide variety of exams and tests.

It must be noted that NJC students regularly secure top ranks in both state and national entrance examinations such as TS EAMCET, EAMCET, KCET, JEE Main, and JEE Advanced, consequently bestowing NJC with the distinction of being one of the top result-oriented educational endeavours in India.

  1. Common Schedule-Examination-Ranking Model:
  2. Concepts, Definitions, And Formulae (CDF): Students are tested on their knowledge of concepts, definitions, and formulae a.k.a. CDF by the means of weekly tests which also help enhance their basic understanding of various subjects. This, consequently, allows students to get good grades in objective exams.
  3. Narayana Online B.I.T.S.A.T. Replica: The Narayana Group has developed an online replica of the Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences Admission Test to offer additional help to students in the pursuit of their professional dreams. With this B.I.T.S.A.T. replica, students are able to attempt mock tests and practice for competitive examinations from any part of the world.
  4. Zero Error Policy: The Narayana Group understands that errors and mistakes can negatively impact students' focus and also their determination. Thus, the Narayana Group undertakes several corrective measures such as the Zero Error policy that are designed to help students eliminate errors as much as possible. Under the ambit of the Narayana 'Zero Error Policy', different types of errors made by students in their tests are listed. Students are then allocated an hour to help them understand the areas where they are prone to making mistakes and then practice the right methods for rectification. The faculty then formulates questions of increasing difficulty levels, depending on the subject-wise error categories identified. Besides that, students are also counselled and trained to do away with any confusions.
  5. Laboratories: The science courses taught at the Narayana Junior College are augmented through well-equipped Physics, Chemistry, and Biology laboratories. The apparatuses, equipment, chemicals, and test-specimens available in these labs are restocked regularly to ensure uninterrupted functioning throughout the academic year.

The Narayana E-Techno programme is another novel endeavour by the Group that allows its schools to offer unrivalled coaching for an extensive selection of tests and exams including state, national, and international level competitive examinations. The E-Techno schools employ a unique pedagogical synergy that focusses on development of both, a solid foundation for students' careers and also their life skills. In an effort to help shape the global leaders and pioneers of the future, the programme also teaches students creative thinking abilities and excellent communication skills. Other notable features of the Narayana E-Techno schools include the integrated syllabi method for pure science subjects and decentralized teacher training methods that enable students to score top notch results. The Narayana Group's E-Techno programme also relies on a variety of technological equipment such as audio and visual media to strengthen the effort to instil concept-oriented thinking in students. The E Techno schools also get other audio-visual tools to enhance aid teaching and supplement students' ability to interpret and understand different concepts. Additionally, classrooms come equipped with LCD projectors along with other equipment that allow the faculty to teach various subjects and concepts to students in depth. Another provision under the Narayana Group's edutainment philosophy is the VCAN programme (Video conferencing at Narayana) that facilitates communication across the country and various collaborative programmes such as quizzes, just-a-minute (JAM) sessions, etc. Furthermore, Narayana E-Techno schools also engage their students in a lot of distinctive activities like discussions, mind-mapping techniques, quizzes on applying thought, data sufficiency, mental ability, logical reasoning, etc. to help broaden their perspectives. The Narayana Group's sole focus is to help its students develop not just subject knowledge and conceptual skills but also personal competencies. And then there's the diligent focus on performance and selection in competitive examinations, which allows the Narayana Group to constantly bring about new trends in technology, innovation, and research in the realm of education.

The Narayana E-Techno schools offer the following advantages and benefits:

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