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India's apex education board Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) organizes the Joint Entrance Examination each year for students looking to get an admission in colleges or institutes that provide undergraduate engineering courses like the esteemed Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs), National Institutes of Technology (NITs), Centrally Funded Technical Institutions (CFTIs), technology institutes and engineering colleges run by state governments, and privately-run colleges that accept JEE scores. The JEE exam is split into two parts, namely, JEE Main and JEE Advanced. It must be noted that in order to qualify to appear for the JEE Advanced test, students must score among the top 2,24,000 ranks in Paper 1 category of JEE Main. The two-edged drill for the carefully planned JEE exam is the talebearer of not only the intense competition faced by aspiring engineering students but also the difficulty levels of the two papers. Students who are hoping to succeed in their attempt at such a distinguished exam understand that it necessitates vigorous training and preparation. The Narayana Group appreciates the role of compendious training plays in deciding the outcome of attempts at both the JEE exams. This understanding has allowed the Narayana Group to provide definitive programmes at its centres for IIT JEE coaching in Mumbai that have been especially designed to assist students in the comprehensive preparation for an academic future in a leading engineering and technology institute in the country. The Narayana Group, one of Asia's largest educational consortiums, proffers pedagogical excellence that is rooted in its extensive experience of almost four decades in the educational domain. Over the years, the Group has enabled a large number of students to achieve professional ambitions and goals via its inimitable education programmes in various spheres of education. The Narayana Group has over 360,000 students and employs 35,000 professional teaching and non-teaching faculty in more than 560 centres in 13 states across India. Another noteworthy feature is the Group's extensive network of strategically-located educational centres and institutes that includes not only schools and coaching centres, but also junior colleges, IAS training academies, and medical, engineering and management institutions. Founded in 1979, the Narayana Group has persistently substantiated its stature as the benchmark in the sphere of education by continuously delivering outstanding results in state, national, and international level entrance tests and competitive examinations.

Each educational centre operating under the aegis of Narayana Group, including the IIT JEE coaching centres in Mumbai, function on the foundation of an all-inclusive tenet for education that includes several exceptional programmes. The Narayana E-Techno programme is a prime example of the Narayana Group's impassioned endeavour to provide high quality coaching to students seeking admission in one of the country's top engineering colleges. Under the purview of the E-Techno programme, Narayana schools employ a sublime strategy for instruction. While the programme offers myriad distinctive features, perhaps the most notable is the policy of integrating not only state, CBSE, ICSE, syllabi but also IB and IGCSE syllabi in the curriculum. The idea behind the integrated syllabi approach is to help students become proficient in various subjects including Mathematics, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. It also strives to help students become adept at solving complex numerical and logical problems. And we're only getting started -- Narayana schools are also considered to be some of the best IIT coaching centres in Mumbai owing to their effectiveness in helping students attain matchless results in a variety of highly competitive exams including JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

The Narayana Group's educational philosophy, aimed at helping students score leading ranks in JEE, utilizes a diligently crafted educational technique that equips students with appropriate knowledge, which, in turn, allows them to perform exceedingly well in different competitive exams. One of many such efforts is the Narayana Group's Four Stage Plan. As the name suggests, it is divided into four stages

Stage 1: The faculty develops micro level plans for each topic by identifying not only the basics and concepts that students need to master but also the relevant sub-topics.

Stage 2: On the basis of the plan put together at Stage 1, the identified programme of study is taught to students through prescribed textbooks, supplementary illustrations, and a variety of examples.

Stage 3: At this stage, students are able to apply the knowledge acquired in the previous stages for solving problems based on each concept. They are also given questions from previous years' competitive exams and various international reference books. This stage plays a vital role in the overall process of the Four Stage plan since it allows students to master the concepts they are being tested on.

Stage 4: At this stage, students analyse their retention of the lessons, acquired knowledge, as well as their ability to solve cumulative assignments based on multiple concepts.

Yet another admired feature of the Narayana Group's specialized education model is the 1+1 system within which each teaching class is followed by a 'work out' session. In addition to that, students in each class are divided into six sub groups, ascending from E1 to E6, based on their individual performance in a series of tests on basic concepts that are administered during the initial stages of the academic year. Each of these sub groups is headed by an associate teacher who works closely with students in the group to pinpoint their individual problem areas and then to help improve their performance by focussing on their specific academic requirements. The associate faculty along with the primary faculty, Principal, and Vice Principal also advise students and compare their test scores for each subject in order to ascertain that no stone is left unturned in the exercise to help them perform better and achieve improved results.

The perceptive programmes such as the 1+1 system, Decentralized Teacher Training and Counselling Method, and the Four Stage Plan serve as shining examples of the Narayana Group's various endeavours that allow its schools for IIT JEE training to be counted among the centres for best IIT coaching in Mumbai. Besides the different instructional efforts, the Narayana Group also concentrates on the interconnected triptych of conceptual skills, personal competencies, and subject knowledge, which constitutes the basis of the Narayana Group's abiding dedication to develop and bring about ingenious methodologies and trends that offer impactful advantages to students.

And that's not all; Narayana schools also use the ground-breaking synergy of laying a sturdy foundation for students' careers and helping the development of crucial life skills. It is worth noting that the Narayana Group's E-Techno programme's aim is to not only enable students to confidently prepare for various entrance tests and competitive exams but also to help shape the pioneers and global leaders of tomorrow. And this is precisely why Narayana schools not only endeavour to provide the necessary academic training but also to help students learn creative thinking and communication skills so as to make certain that they are able to assertively pursue the professions of their choice.

In addition to the aforementioned features and provisions, the Narayana Group's schools also provide an all-encompassing range of novel benefits that consequently enable its institutes to be carve a niche for them among the top 10 IIT coaching institutes in Mumbai. Here are some of the Narayana schools' many distinctive features:

Another objective verity about the Narayana Group that has accelerated its institutes' transformation into centres that offer extremely high quality IIT coaching in Mumbai is its understanding of the critical influence of technology in the process of education. Hence, Narayana schools employ a broad range of modern technologies and tools such as audio-visual equipment that not only allows an improved delivery of lessons but also helps enhance students' rudimentary understanding of various concepts within the purview of their educational curriculum.

The VCAN programme (Video conferencing at Narayana) is also an integral part of the Narayana Group's edutainment outlook. The programme intends to enable communication and facilitate collaborative programmes such as quizzes, just-a-minute (JAM) sessions, etc.

With that being said, it is interesting to note that the Narayana Group's modern edutainment philosophy transcends the boundaries of the use of various technological tools. As a matter fact, Narayana schools also engage students in distinctive cognitive activities such as discussions, mind-mapping techniques, quizzes on applying thought, data sufficiency, mental ability, logical reasoning, and folding and unfolding of concepts so as to help broaden their outlook.

In view of the Narayana Group's innumerable efforts aimed to providing all round education to students, it is not surprising to see that its schools are generally counted as some of the most pre-eminent centres for the best IIT coaching in Mumbai.

Meditation, yoga, and relaxation training: The Narayana Group sincerely believes that the daily process of education and learning can often affect students' well-being. Hence, to make sure that students are able to cope with their academic routines, the Narayana Group implements various pre-emptive measures. One of them is the provision of training to students in relaxation techniques, yoga, and meditation for three hours per week.

Narayana e-techno School ,
Opposite Mansi Enclave,
Behind Shanti Ashram Depot,
I.C.Colony, Borivali(W),

Narayana e-techno School
CTS 418 Marol Village,
Marol-Maroshi Road,
Next to K.P.Aurum,
Andheri (E) Mumbai - 400059

Narayana e-techno School
Plot no 47 & 48 Near Highland Gardens,
Village Dhokali, Thane(west)-400608

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