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The Narayana Group is the largest educational conglomerate in Asia with more than 360,000 students and 35,000 experienced teaching and non-teaching educators in 560+ centres across India. The Group has enriched students' lives for over three and a half decades and continues to offer exceptional educational services to the day. Spread across 13 states in India, the Narayana Group operates a cluster of myriad academic institutions including play schools in Bangalore, schools, junior colleges, engineering, medical and management institutions, coaching centres, and IAS training academies. With every passing year, the Group continues to set new benchmarks in academic excellence by continuously delivering unrivalled success in all domains.

The pre nursery schools in Bangalore operated by the Narayana Group are built on the same principles that have served as the Group's foundation since it was formed. The Narayana e-Kidz programme is a unique pre school initiative developed with the hope to provide students quality education and the access to myriad activities intended to establish and enhance varied developmental skills in the students enrolled in the programme.

The curriculum devised for the e-Kidz programme, offered at Montessori schools in Bangalore, focuses on the holistic growth and evolution of a child. With the help of a modern combination of traditional classroom teaching, extra-curricular activities, digital tools, etc., it endeavours to achieve the following objectives:

The Narayana Group's nursery schools in Bangalore also strive to achieve a defined set of all-encompassing developmental objectives for young children. These goals include:

Other features unique to the e-Kidz programme includes,

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