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One of the largest educational consortiums in Asia, the Narayana Group, continually strives to enrich students’ lives and supplement it with educational excellence -- as it has since it was founded about two decades ago. Reinforced by years of scholastic eminence, the Narayana Group has marked its presence throughout India. With 560+ centres in 13 states across India, the Group has engaged over 360,000 students and employs 35,000 accomplished teaching and non-teaching faculty. Furthermore, the list of institutes under the Narayana Group umbrella doesn't comprise only schools -- the Group's extensive network also includes junior colleges, coaching centres, IAS training academies, and medical, engineering and management institutions that are spread throughout the country. And besides establishing novel standards and proving its mettle as the touchstone of the education sector, the Narayana Group dedicatedly quests after and delivers extraordinary results in both intra-country and international competitive examinations like Olympiads, JEE, and NEET.

The Group's institutions, including its NEET training schools in Chennai, use an extremely career-oriented approach that guarantees not only a rock-solid foundation in subjects germane to the competitive examinations they are targeting but also helps enhance their subject knowledge through the use of various methodologies of foundation and implementation. This allows students to confidently brace for myriad exams and tests such as NEET along with other medical and engineering courses and entrance examinations. Narayana's NEET training schools in Chennai use an exquisitely novel outlook for teaching -- an integrated curriculum system which combines not only State, CBSE, and ICSE syllabi but also IB and IGCSE syllabi in the academic strategy.

With that being said, the Narayana Group's endeavours to provide matchless education and help students prepare for various examinations aren't restricted to only the integrated curriculum. Besides, lessons in stipulated topics, teachers also help students get acquainted with and master other related topics from higher classes. This, in turn, helps students establish and then develop critical and modern thinking abilities. In addition to the aforementioned educational efforts, students also receive lessons in important concepts that are deemed to be crucial to the preparation for not only domestic competitive examinations but also those around the world.

The Narayana Group's wholehearted dedication to delivering prodigious results in every domain of education is also an integral part of its NEET exam training schools in Chennai that, consequently, has enabled the schools to acquire a remarkable reputation not just among students but also their parents.

With the sole aim of helping students ace medical entrance exams, the Narayana Group's unique Medichamp programme aids students studying in standards VI to X. It helps them get ready to score the leading ranks in national and state level medical entrance examinations like NEET, AIIMS, AFMC, JIPMER, EAMCET, KCET, etc. The Group's Medichamp programme not only helps students prepare for medical entrance exams, but also helps them champion international biology Olympiads. It is obvious to feel apprehension when it concerns your child's future. To help you feel assured, we have listed some features of the Medichamp programme offered at Narayana's NEET coaching schools in Chennai that allow them to deliver superlative results:

The Narayana Group offers another novel endeavour: E-Techno schools. Also, an integral part of the Group's various educational institutes, the E Techno schools are also a significant measure in the endeavour to train students for competitive examinations. These schools prepare students for not only engineering but also medical entrance exams via a meticulously planned pedagogical synergy that concentrates equally on establishing a bedrock for students' careers and helping them develop various life skills. Moved by the aspiration to shape the leaders and revolutionaries of tomorrow, the E-Techno programme also helps students develop ingenious thinking and communication skills in a stress-free educational environment. The E-Techno schools also use the integrated syllabi strategy for pure science subjects. Besides that, they use decentralized teacher training methods that help students achieve magnificent results in both national and international competitive examinations and tests. Considering the dedication and passion observed in each endeavour and initiative undertaken by the Group, it comes as no surprise that its E-Techno schools too have established themselves as the top NEET coaching schools in Chennai. The interconnected trio of subject knowledge, conceptual skills, and personal competencies is the Narayana Group's leading priority. Thus, besides the assortment of teaching systems, the E-Techno programme also includes the use of an extensive range of technologies and gadgetry such as audio and visual media to implement the objective of helping students instilling concept-oriented thinking and encouraging its rapid development in them. Moved by the enduring focus on peerless performance and selection in competitive examinations, Narayana's schools continue to lay the foundations for modern trends in the domains of technology, innovation, and research in the context of education. And that's not all -- students also regularly receive support via counselling and guidance from dedicated faculty. The E-Techno schools offer countless benefits and features that not only help ensure students' holistic development but also aid the pursuit of impeccable results:


One of the reasons why the Narayana Group's schools are considered the leading institutes for education in India is their dedication the concept of 'edutainment'. Inspired by the belief in the power of different mediums and technologies for education, the Narayana Group continues to use transformative tools and methods for teaching. Its schools get ample audio-visual equipment for teaching and interpretation. Also, classrooms get LCD projectors and other relevant gadgets and tools that enable teachers to explain various concepts to students in depth.

Another part of this philosophy is the VCAN programme (Video conferencing at Narayana) that facilitates communication across the country and collaborative programmes such as quizzes, just-a-minute (JAM) sessions, and so much more. Additionally, the Narayana schools also engage students in activities like discussions, mind-mapping techniques, quizzes on applying thought, data sufficiency, mental ability, logical reasoning, and folding and unfolding of concepts to help broaden their perspectives and prepare them for the many challenges professionals face in their careers.

Yoga, meditation, and counselling:

The extensive academic routine is bolstered by the provision of training in relaxation techniques, yoga, and meditation. Provided three hours every week, such training helps students cope with their academic regimen.


The Narayana Group comprehends the important role infrastructure plays in all-round development and education. This is why its schools come equipped with high quality infrastructure including science labs, computer labs, libraries, etc. While the science laboratories serve to fortify the Group's activity-oriented approach to learning, other provisions help enhance the overall delivery of the various facets of the curriculum.

Narayana e-Techno School
No.551, Poonamallee High Road,
Arumbakkam, (Near Shan Royal Hotel)

Narayana e-Techno School
- No: 610, Part - 616/2,
Murugppa Reddy street, Venkatapuram,
Ambattur, Chennai -600 053.

Narayana e-Techno School
Pallavaram,No: 90
Old No: 180 Zamin Pallavaram
Next to Shell Petrol Bunk
Chennai - 600 043.

Narayana e-Techno School
No. 2, Lakshmi Nagar West,
Mudichur Road, Mannivakkam,
Opp Natesan Bus Stop
Chennai - 600048

Narayana e-Techno School
No 53 MS Nagar Porur -Kundrathur
Main Road Madhanantapuram Next to Siddharth
Upscale Heights Chennai - 600116.

Narayana e-Techno School
Door no.R-96 Muthamizh Nagar
8th block M R Naga
r Near Bhavani Amman Temple
Chennai-600 118

Narayana e-Techno School
No.240 D ‘B’ Block, Swamy Ramalinga Colony
3rd Cross Street Ponniamman medu
Near Kolathur Vazhathoppu
Near Krishna Swimming Pool
Chennai - 600110.

Narayana Olympiad School
7/15, EVK Sampath road
Opp. Vepery Fire Station Vepery
Chennai 7

Narayana e-Techno School
Old No.2, New No.7,
Conron Smith Road,
Gopalapuram, Chennai-86.

Narayana e-Techno School
No.66&67, Basin Bridge Road,
Mint, Chennai-21

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