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The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test - UG, or simply NEET-UG, is a gateway exam conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for students planning to pursue a graduate level medical or dental course like MBBS and BDS in one of the colleges approved by the Medical Council of India and Dental Council of India under the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. It is imperative for aspiring doctors or dentists that a legion of students appear for this exam every year; in this context, it may be interesting to note that nearly 12 lakh students from all over the country appeared for the NEET exam in 2017. Though it is generally understood and accepted that the entrance test for any medical course is a laborious endeavour, the aforementioned figure provides a more clear-cut idea of the harsh competition in NEET. Needless to say, an exam that involves such intensity of competition requires persistent coaching complemented by a vigorous sense of purpose in order to ensure that students are able to perform well in the exam. The Narayana Group endeavours to help students achieve exactly that -- excellent results!

The Narayana Group, one of the largest educational groups in Asia, endeavours to help students prepare through exceptional knowledge and boost their educational efforts by the means of academic excellence that is rooted in its experience of nearly 40 years in this domain. Since being founded roughly two decades ago, the Narayana Group has established its name as a reliable partner, among not only students but also their parents, for every type of academic endeavours. The Narayana Group has more than 360,000 students and employs 35,000 proficient teaching and non-teaching faculty in more than 560 educational centres spread across 13 states in India. What's more, its comprehensive network of educational institutes includes not only schools and coaching centres but also junior colleges, IAS training academies, and medical, engineering and management institutions. It is worth noting that the Narayana Group's efforts don't end at merely establishing itself as the touchstone and setting new benchmarks in the sphere of education. The Narayana Group also concentrates on, and delivers, sublime results in a wide selection of entrance tests and competitive examinations at state, national, and international levels.

Its dynamite success is enabled by the fact that all Narayana Group institutions, including the centres for NEET coaching in Mumbai, adhere to a refined career-oriented approach for education that enables students to form a solid foundation in different subjects essential to the course they are enrolled in. This outlook also includes various strategies for foundation development and implementation that help improve students' subject knowledge and understanding. This, consequently, arms students with the composure to appear for tough entrance exams such as the NEET with conviction. The Narayana Group's NEET coaching centres in Mumbai also employ an integrated curriculum strategy that combines not only state, CBSE, and ICSE syllabi but also IB and IGCSE syllabi in the educational programme.

The Narayana Group also implements various other measures to ensure that students get only the highest quality of education which, in turn, enables them to prepare for different entrance tests and competitive exams with equanimity. This is precisely why the Narayana schools' faculty also teach students about other related topics from higher classes in addition to the conventional lessons in prescribed topics. This initiative helps students form and develop critical and creative thinking abilities. In addition to that, students are also given lessons in vital concepts that are integral to the preparation for state, national, and international-level competitive examinations.

The Narayana Group understands the crucial role right training and education play in the process of preparation for the NEET exam. Hence, the Narayana Group offers a tremendously sui generis programme known as the Medichamp programme. This programme's only goal is to enable students to prepare confidently for state and national level medical entrance examinations such as AIIMS, NEET, AFMC, JIPMER, EAMCET, and KCET. available for students studying in standards VI to X, the Narayana Medichamp programme's success rate in helping students score leading ranks in different medical entrance tests has allowed the Narayana Group's centres to be deemed among some of the best NEET coaching centres in Mumbai. Students and parents must also understand that though the Medichamp programme's chief goal is to enable students to perform exceedingly well in medical entrance exams, it also helps them achieve unmatched results in international biology Olympiads.

Check out some of the Narayana Medichamp programme's novel benefits and features for students:

The Narayana Group's E-Techno schools are a critical part of its unique conglomeration of educational institutes. The schools also constitute a crucial endeavour to provide high-quality training to students preparing for different entrance tests and competitive examinations. As a matter of fact, Narayana E-Techno schools help students prepare for not only engineering entrance exams but also medical entrance tests through a diligently devised pedagogical synergy that puts as much emphasis on developing a sturdy foundation for students' careers as it does on helping them learn various life skills. And in the effort to shape the pioneers and global leaders of the future, the E Techno programme also enables students to learn creative thinking abilities and acquire communication skills. Besides that, the Narayana Group's E-Techno schools also utilize the integrated syllabi approach for pure science subjects. In addition to that, the schools employ decentralized teacher training methods so as to enable students to achieve exceptional results in a diverse range of entrance tests and competitive exams.

Moreover, conceptual skills, personal competencies, and subject knowledge, together form the Narayana Group's highest priorities. This is why, in addition to using a comprehensive selection of novel teaching methods, the Narayana E-Techno programme also includes the use of a modern collection of technologies. The Narayana Group ardently believes that various technology-based tools like audio and visual media constitute an indispensable part of the endeavour to help students acquire concept-oriented thinking. This tenet as well as the Narayana Group's continuing prominence on matchless performance and selection in entrance tests and competitive exams has allowed Narayana schools to be the trailblazers in the spheres of innovation, technology, and research in the educational context.

Besides the aforementioned academic assistance, students also get support by the means of guidance and counselling from their faculty on a regular basis.

The Narayana E-Techno programme's forward-thinking benefits and features not only give the Narayana Group's schools an advantage over the institutes that claim to be most suited of for the best NEET coaching in Mumbai but also ensure all round development of students. It also equips them with the confidence to attain excellent results in exams. Listed below are some of its most prominent features:

1. Edutainment: Narayana schools make use of a broad selection of ingenious ideas and strategies that helps set them apart in the crowded educational space and also allows them to establish their names as the front runners in the educational domain in the country. To that end, the concept of edutainment is a consequential part of the Narayana Group's invigorating approach. Built on the basis of Narayana Group's belief in new-age technologies and their substantial influence on the process of education, it includes the use of various creative methods and tools such as audio visual equipment for teaching and interpretation. Besides that, Narayana schools get LCD projectors as well as other related tools that allow teachers to explain different concepts to students in depth.

The other important part of the Narayana Group's edutainment philosophy is the VCAN programme (Video conferencing at Narayana). The idea behind the Narayana VCAN programme is to enable communication across the country and facilitate collaborative programmes such as quizzes, just-a-minute (JAM) sessions, etc.

Additionally, the Narayana Group's institutes and schools also engage students in a variety of cognitive activities such as discussions, mind-mapping techniques, quizzes on applying thought, data sufficiency, mental ability, logical reasoning, and folding and unfolding of concepts in order to broaden their perspectives and help them prepare for their lives as professionals in different fields.

2. Infrastructure: Considering the critical influence of infrastructure in all round development and comprehensive education, the Narayana Group's schools get world class infrastructure such as science labs, computer labs, libraries, etc. While the traditional science labs complement the Narayana Group's activity-oriented outlook for education and learning, additional infrastructural provisions such as language labs help augment the delivery of different facets of the overall curriculum.

3. Meditation, yoga, and relaxation techniques: The Narayana Group's institutes give students coaching in yoga, meditation, and relaxation techniques for three hours every week so as to help them cope with their daily academic regimen.

Narayana e-techno School ,
Opposite Mansi Enclave,
Behind Shanti Ashram Depot,
I.C.Colony, Borivali(W),

Narayana e-techno School
CTS 418 Marol Village
Marol-Maroshi Road,
Next to K.P.Aurum,
Andheri (E) Mumbai - 400059

Narayana e-techno School
Plot no 47 & 48 Near Highland Gardens
Village Dhokali, Thane(west)-400608

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