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Pre-primary education, described as the introductory phase of methodical and regulated instruction, is a consequential step in young children's lives. The primary purpose of this particular stage of education is to not only gradually introduce them to a school-type environment but also help them achieve certain developmental objectives such as cognitive and language development, physical development, affective and social development, and aesthetic development. Simply put, the idea of pre-primary schooling is to nurture young children and encourage holistic development with particular focus on ethics, intellect, social skills, etc. There is little doubt that this phase plays a vital role in shaping the future of these little ones and this is why the Narayana Group and its pre nursery schools in Chennai constantly endeavour to ensure that the future leaders of our country receive education of the highest standard right from the beginning.

The Narayana Group, among the largest educational groups in Asia, was founded with the sole aim of supplementing students' lives and it has successfully done so for nearly four decades. And the Group's tradition of offering superlative educational services to students all over India continues to the day. The Narayana Group has over 360,000 students and 35,000 seasoned teaching and non-teaching faculty in 560+ centres spread across 13 states in the country. The Narayana Group's comprehensive network of education centres includes a diverse range of academic institutions such as schools, junior colleges, engineering, medical and management institutions, coaching centres, and IAS training academies. Built on the strength of its rich experience in the field, the Group continues to set new benchmarks in academic excellence with every passing year by constantly delivering matchless results in all educational domains.

The Narayana Group's nursery schools in Chennai are based on the same founding principles that have allowed the Group to earn a distinct name among students and parents alike. And out of the several endeavours it has formulated to ensure provision of nothing but sublime education for young children is the Narayana e-Kidz programme -- a novel initiative for pre schoolers. This programme, also offered at the Group's primary schools in Chennai, has been devised with the intent to provide students with not only quality education but also with the much-needed access to various activities that help introduce and enhance the growth of several indispensable developmental skills.

The curriculum for the e-Kidz programme at the Narayana Group's Montessori schools in Chennai concentrates on the all-round growth and development of every child. And to achieve this, the Group uses an avant-garde combination of traditional classroom teaching, extra-curricular activities, and digital instruments, among others. More specifically, the programme strives to achieve the following objectives in the context of development and education of young children:

Besides that, it is important to understand the precise developmental objectives that form an integral part of the programme. The Narayana play schools in Chennai endeavour to attain the following series of exhaustive developmental objectives:

In addition to the aforementioned features, the e-Kidz programme offers several other distinctive provisions and resources, such as the ones listed below:

What essentially makes the Group's kindergarten schools in Chennai among the most sought-after centres of education is the unique combination of infrastructure and matchless expertise in the field of education. The Narayana Group's Montessori schools in Chennai make certain that the leaders and pioneers of tomorrow receive precisely the kind of holistic development that will prepare them for the eventual switch to primary schools in Chennai. And that's not all, the Narayana e-Kidz programme sees to it that children receive appropriate nurturing, through fun activities and games, that will help them realize their talent and aptitude.

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