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Narayana Schools retain World No :1 position in NASA Space settlement Contest for 5th Consecutive year.In NASA Space Settlement Contest – 2019, 38% of the World wide school level Selections from Narayana Schools alone. 2) NARAYANA Schools emerge as National Topper in UCO – 2018 Stage-1 results with 4228 (51%) Nationwide Selections. Narayana Continues this Winning Spree as a UCO-National Champion for 4th Consecutive year. Congrats to Staff & Students.
Narayana Schools emerged as National leader with 28 selections in 2018-NTSE Stage 2- the highest no. of selections from a Single Institution in India. Congratulations to the students and staff…!!
Ranks Galore for NARAYANA Schools in National level AMTI Maths Olympiad -2017 Stage -II results. 63% of the Top 10 Nationwide ranks from NARAYANA Schools alone. TOP -10 Ranks : Primary level : 1,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 — Sub-junior level : 2,6,9,10 — Junior level : 2,3,4,6,7,9,10. Congrats to Students,Staff & Parents.
NARAYANA Schools Continue their Success Spree in SIMO OLYMPIADS STAGE-I 2017 with Unmatched Excellence bagging 54.83% of Nationwide selections. No Other school could achieve this unique distinction
NARAYANA Schools Emerge as National Topper in UCO Stage-I 2017 results with 4158 (46.2%) Selections.It’s a Hatrick performance (2015,2016,2017)as a National Topper.Congrats to Students and Parents
Flash News
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