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CBSE or Central Board of Secondary Education comes among one of India’s most important education board. The board was said to be found in the year 1921, and the main aim of the board is to bring a systematic approach to the education system of India. There are many schools in India who all are affiliated to the CBSE board. If we go for statistics, then in India, there are about 19,320 schools while about 211 schools in foreign countries as per 2017 data.

There are many CBSE syllabus schools in Hyderabad. So it is seen that people usually get confused about which school is best in Hyderabad due to the presence of some CBSE schools. But if you are searching for a school which is giving equal importance to studies as well as extra-curriculum activities, then you can go for admission in Narayan Group of schools.

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Narayan Group of institutes comes among the top CBSE syllabus schools in Hyderabad. This group has got about more than 560 centers, and the schools that this group has got is said to be spread across 13 states in India. The Narayan group has got about more than 360,000 students and more than 350,000 teaching professionals. They act as the backbone for the school, and the main aim of this group is to give quality education to their students.

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When it comes to the Narayan Group’s of schools, they are counted among the top CBSE syllabus schools in Hyderabad for their way of providing creative as well as a unique approach towards education. The group uses the technologies and other tools to provide the best education for the students who are studying under this group.

The next unique thing that this group provides to their students is the use of VCAN or Video Conferencing at Narayana. This feature helps in enabling the communication that lies across the country as well as facilitates the collaborative programmes which include the quizzes and other sessions.

There are many CBSE syllabus schools in Hyderabad. But most of them are seen to be the lack of the best infrastructure, and due to this, it may affect the development of the student's development. But Narayan group of schools have got the best infrastructure in Hyderabad. They have got the best classrooms, well-equipped labs, computer labs as well as big libraries. This kind of infrastructure helps in developing the students, and they help in enhancing the delivery of the facts for the overall curriculum.
When it comes to this school, it provides constant innovation for the E-projects. This feature allows the students to get to new heights in the academic world. Apart from the academic development, the schools also provide yoga, career counseling regularly and meditation programme for the students. Due to all these features, it is seen that the students of this school are best in all fields and bring good results starting from study to extracurricular activities.

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