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Pre-School is for children of the age group 2-5yrs. Pre-Schools are designed to stimulate a child’s social skills and helps in emotional and personal growth. It is the basic building block of a child, and as a parent, you should be careful enough to choose the best for your child.
Narayana group is famous all over the country for its outstanding results in all fields. As for a Pre-School is concerned, Narayana group makes sure that your child goes through a holistic development and gets a positive world view. They have introduced a special curriculum called e-kidz. E-kidz focuses on quality education integrated with fun activities! This curriculum stands out from any other Pre-School in Hyderabad, making Narayana the best option!
E-kidz curriculum makes sure that your child is in a friendly, safe, caring and secure environment. The environment is not only welcoming for kids but also for their parents. They have various learning techniques without the help of books and boards. Your child learns while he/she is enjoying, i.e. while playing! This helps them to develop socially, intellectually and of course, physically. The well-trained faculty takes care of every child’s needs separately and makes sure everyone is doing well.

E-kidz is in itself a unique curriculum which makes Narayana group one of the top Pre-Schools in Hyderabad!


It’s apparent by now that Narayana group will be the best option for your little one! Having a substantial number of institutions all over India, Narayana is at its peak. It is a trusted place for the all round development of your child shaping the path for the best future ahead of them!

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