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Distinguished civil services in India such as the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), the Indian Police Service (IPS), and the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) certainly make for a venerable choice of career for anyone. Students who aspire to be selected to the aforementioned services must know that they are a part of the All India Services (AIS). For appointment to these posts, aspirants are required to appear for the Civil Services Examination (CSE) which is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Considering the extraordinary nature of the jobs undertaken by civil services officers inducted through the civil services examination, students must understand that the exam isn't exactly easy. With that being said, there's one more facet of forging one's path into central services that you should be aware of: The State Civil Services examination. These exams are conducted by the individual state's Public Service Commission for recruiting candidates into the individual state's various civil services. Once a candidate gets through the State Civil Services Examination, they get jobs in diverse state domains like SCS (State Civil Services), SPS (State Police Services), Deputy Collector, etc. In fact, the state of Telangana also conducts its own Civil Services examination for the appointment of candidates to different civil services and posts. Suffice it to say that the significance of both, the central government and state civil services and the opportunity for professional career growth they offer is exceptional. Hence, aspirants must be completely dedicated and train meticulously in order to ensure they are able to clear the UPSC and/or TSPSC exam.

The Narayana Group, one of the largest educational groups in Asia, recognizes that such an important exam necessitates a structured outlook in the context of education and training. In fact, it is this approach that has enabled it to preserve its practice of delivering unrivalled results in different national and international level competitive exams. The Narayana Group offers the same commitment and tenacity to civil services aspirants to ensure they receive high quality UPSC coaching in Hyderabad. With nearly four decades of experience in the domain, the Group continues to enhance students' academic and professional lives. Spread across 13 states in India, the Narayana Group has 560+ centres, more than 360,000 students, and 35,000 skilled teaching and non-teaching faculty. Another interesting feature of the Group's operations is its comprehensive network of educational institutes which includes not just schools but also junior colleges, coaching centres, IAS training academies, and medical, engineering and management institutions.

Today, the Narayana Group enjoys the status of being the benchmark in the Indian educational sector, thanks to its unwavering emphasis on delivering excellent results. To that end, all Narayana institutes provide extensive training to its students to allow them to ace all types of competitive examinations and entrance tests.

The Narayana Group's Narayana IAS Academy is a top-tier coaching institutes for students looking to ace the civil service examinations. The Academy, established in 2007, helps aspirants prepare to crack what is deemed to be among the most difficult competitive examinations in India a.k.a. the Civil Services Examination. The Narayana IAS Academy's students are offered four integrated and one exclusive Civil Services programmes. What makes each of these programmes truly unique is the use of fastidious training plans which is combined with the expertise of specialist institutional and visiting faculty, productive infrastructure, etc. which in turn allows students to confidently attempt both the All India Services exam and the Telangana State Public Service Commission exam.

Glance through are some of Narayana IAS Academy's features to understand the competitive edge it wields over other institutes:

The Narayana Group's institutes for UPSC coaching in Hyderabad make use of a comprehensive learning stratagem to deliver exemplary training to students. This carefully devised coaching system is implemented in different stages to teach integrated training practices to the Academy's students. Listed below are the primary elements of this training programme:

Collaborative classroom instruction: The Narayana Group's integrated civil services programme sets aside 50 per cent of the class hours to board/university examinations while the remaining class hours are allotted for concentrated all round development endeavours to help students prepare for all rounds in the civil services examinations. The Narayana IAS Academy also uses audio-visual aids, regular library research, and weekend tests to help improve and also evaluate students' progress.

Guest lectures and expert guidance: Students at the Academy also benefit from regular guest lectures delivered by illustrious faculty for all subjects relevant to the preparation for the exam. In addition to guest lectures, the Narayana IAS Academy also hosts prominent personalities from various walks of life, including current and former IAS officers and civil servants, to make sure that there is an abundance of motivation and guidance for students.

Mock interviews: Students sit through several rounds of mock interviews in order to help them assess and completely understand the importance of IAS personality tests before hand. Aided by these simulated interviews, students are also able to master different important aspects of the personality tests including body language, facial expression, coping with pressure, and command over topics, etc.

Soft skills training: The Narayana IAS Academy understands the critical role soft skills play in the careers of aspiring civil servants. And this is why the development and enhancement of soft skills receives special emphasis at the Academy. Students receive the necessary resources and help for the development of language and communication skills by the means of various activity-based exercises. This approach helps students learn effective soft skills that can come in handy especially during the personality test round. Besides that, the Narayana IAS Academy also engages students in a diverse range of activities based on interpersonal relations, group discussions, problem solving, decision making, leadership, team work, analytical abilities, and logical reasoning.

Workshops and seminars: The Narayana IAS Academy organizes a lot of important workshops for the benefit of the students. Additionally, students are also encouraged to put together seminars on current national and international topics with socio-economic implications. The motivation behind this strategy is to encourage the development of ingenious thinking and the ability to communicate eloquently about different subjects relevant to the civil services examination.

Field trips: The Narayana Group uses field trips as a means of enabling students to experience administrative developments and a host of other demanding issues at the grass root level. While this facet of preparation for the civil services exam is typically ignored, the fact remains it is a vital part of the entire process.

Evaluation: The Narayana IAS Academy evaluates students' performance via a perpetual evaluation model wherein a panel of experts assess students' physical, psychological, and emotional development throughout the duration of the course. Students then receive counselling in accordance to their evaluation results to help improve their individual performance.

Monthly magazine: The Narayana Civils Express gives students the quintessential platform for not just the documentation of knowledge but also for the improvement of their writing skills. By the means of this magazine, the Narayana Group encourages students to write about current national and international topics. This endeavour consequently helps students improve their general comprehension of relevant topics.

Skilled faculty: The Narayana IAS Academy ensures that all its teachers come from excellent academic backgrounds. Each member of the faculty also brings comprehensive knowledge, exemplary professional experience in advanced education, and solid conceptual knowledge in their respective domains to the table. The Narayana IAS Academy also collaborates with a large number of experts in the field who regularly deliver guest lectures and often engage in one-on-one interactions with students.

Hostel: The Narayana IAS Academy's hostel provides accommodation for not only its students but also resident tutors. Each hostel unit also receives provisions such as reading rooms, television sections, etc.

Library: All Narayana IAS Academy branches get an extensive collection of Civil Services-related resources such as books, CDs, and DVDs that serve as supplements to prescribed textbooks. Furthermore, the Academy's library also gives students access to periodicals, national and international magazines, and journals to make certain that they remain updated with the latest global news and information.

Technology infrastructure: The Narayana Group's centres for UPSC coaching in Hyderabad regularly update their technology infrastructure so as to make sure that students have unhindered access to quality resources at all times. Besides that, students are also able to access their assessment results via the Error Analysis Feedback reports online.

Fitness: The Narayana IAS Academy also gives its students access to different equipment and tools, including a gym, to ensure their physical fitness. Students also receive training in yoga, meditation, and relaxation techniques.

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