The NTA released the JEE Mains session 2 results on Saturday, and as expected, Narayana has done it again! In an outstanding achievement, 3 Narayanites obtained a position among the top 10 All India Ranks (AIR) in the JEE results 2023.

Narayanites’ performance in engineering entrance exams has always been stellar, and this year was no exception as Narayana Educational Institutions continued their tradition of producing top-rankers in the prestigious Joint Entrance Examination.

P. Lohit Adhitya Sai, Kaushal Vijayvergiya (an N-PREP student), and N. Sai Durga Reddy have achieved remarkable success, securing AIR 2, 5, and 6, respectively, with Lohit Adhitya Sai obtaining a perfect score of 300/300.

Both Lohit Adhitya Sai and Sai Durga Reddy have been students of Narayana since Grade 6. Before getting a perfect score in JEE Mains, Lohit also qualified for the Astronomy Olympiad camp when he was a 9th grade student at Narayana. Sai Durga Reddy was also a part of Narayana’s Olympiad School.

According to Lohit Adhitya Sai, the Narayana system of weekend exams, instant doubt-clarification by faculty, and student-teacher direct interaction through nLearn helped him to practise regularly and improve his concepts.

While Sai Durga attributes his success in JEE Mains session 2 results to Narayana’s test, error analysis, and microschedule, which helped him minimise his mistakes and strengthen his weak areas. He wrote many practise exams in nLearn, which helped him with time management.

Narayana's impressive record of producing top AIRs has been strengthened even more in the JEE Main session 2 results, with 25 of the top 100 all-India open category ranks, 160 of the top 1000 all-India open category ranks, 14 of the top 10 all-category ranks, and 85 of the top 100 all-category ranks being held by Narayanites.

Name of the student AIR APPL No. Admission No.
P. Lohit Adhitya Sai 2 230310112476 1832303
KAUSHAL VIJAYVERGIYA 5 230310233253 2121306
DESHANK PRATAP SINGH 12 230310167803 2074628
SUJAY A 14 230310210373 1825883
M.L.N.MADHAV BHARDWAJ 25 230310256940 1844160
SOHAM DAS 26 230310332864 2089541
N.K.VISHWAAJITH 30 230310366546 1829799
MAYANK SONI 34 230310210909 2089519
ASTEEK NARAYAN 38 230310176703 1837341
C MIKHIL 40 230310088534 1830384
RIDAM JAIN 45 230310159797 2074899
SANAPALA VENKATA ADITYA 55 230310655506 1826237
KUKKALA AASHRITHA REDDY 57 230310281018 1836387
BALAAJI REDDY NAGIREDDY 65 230310107985 1827008
BAVURUPUDI RITWIK 66 230310276153 1845581
V HEMANTH REDDY 67 230310125263 1825908
SWAYAM SARTHAK 69 230310173186 1830227
MARUMAMULA VENKATA PRANAY 71 230310180903 1821799
V VENKATA SAI SURYA PRAKASH 72 230310280808 1852792
DOMA GOWTHAM REDDY 73 230310088658 1825897
B.SOMANATH VASANTH 80 230310278801 1851558
KARTIK GOYAL 82 230310053030 1904112
ACHINTYA MATHUR 85 230310138499 1824567

It is the culture of innovation and focus on constant practise, detailed error analysis, and comprehensive faculty feedback at Narayana that drives these phenomenal results each year repeatedly. The Narayana system of education is not static but dynamic; it is always learning, improving, and evolving in the pursuit of excellence. Narayana focuses on the values of continuous and unending dedication and perseverance as a solution to the ever-increasing competition among the students.

Narayana’s comprehensive research-based study material, along with its specially designed micro schedule and test planners, has been of significant value for students’ preparation strategies. The IIT JEE-expert faculty provides personalised coaching, time-management strategies, and stress-bursting sessions to students for their holistic learning.

Technological innovation through Narayana’s in-house applications, nLearn and nConnect, provides an edge to students over the others. nLearn enables students to track their progress and get instant doubt clarification from their teachers. While nConnect helps in a constant engagement between teacher and parents, allowing the latter to keep a real-time update of their children’s progress.

Narayana Educational Institutions have been dedicated to equipping students with the resources and skills necessary to excel in academics and beyond for the past 44 years. The outstanding results in this year's JEE Main exams are a testament to the success of this vision.