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Explore the world of robotics at Narayana School NARAYANA E TECHNO SCHOOL , where technology and innovation meet comprehensive education. Our dynamic robotics curriculum empowers students with practical knowledge in the fields of STEM, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Being one of the best schools in NARAYANA E TECHNO SCHOOL , our robotics curriculum for students comprises video seminars, a programming simulator, STEM lesson plans, and even online examination worksheets for students to practise.

The objective of this programme, which is designed to impart technology-based education to students from Class V to IX, is to encourage an interactive atmosphere in the classroom and develop curiosity in the young minds.

Advantages of Robotics Programme

The Robotics curriculum provided by the Narayana School in NARAYANA E TECHNO SCHOOL offers the following facilities to students:

  • Integrated in the curriculum for students from Class V to IX
  • All-inclusive STEM learning and assessment
  • Scope of certification from Robox Singapore
  • International internship courses and Robotics Olympiads