Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti: Celebrating The Man Who Inspired Nations

India celebrates the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi as Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October. On 15 June 2007, the United Nations General Assembly declared this day as the International Day of Non-Violence. This was in honour of Mahatma Gandhi and his global popularity as a non-violent freedom fighter. Here, you will discover the history and […]

The Drawbacks Of Comparing Children With Others: The Importance Of Individual Growth

As parents, we all want the best for our children. We want them to excel in school, make friends, and eventually find success and happiness in their lives. While it is normal for parents to have these aspirations, it’s important to remember that every child is unique and develops at their own pace. Comparing your […]

Top 10 Personality Development Tips For Students

What is Personality Development? Personality is not just about appearances; it encompasses the unique set of qualities and an overall impact an individual has on others. It goes beyond physical aspects and reflects how one thinks, behaves, and interacts with the world around them. For students, developing a strong and appealing personality is crucial, as […]

Career Guidance for Science Students: How to Choose the Right Course and College

For a science student in 11th or 12th grade, it is easy to get confused while choosing the right course for higher studies. For all the parents reading this, it is advisable that you go through this, understand its content, and show it to your kids, as the blog is directed to them for their […]

How to Study Effectively at Home: A Parent’s Guide for Their Children

Whether your child has joined a coaching center for the preparation of any competitive exam or is just studying in 2nd grade, we can all agree that the significance of studying at home cannot be undermined. Studying at home is one of the most important parts of preparing for any exam. Now they can always […]

Extracurricular Activities for Students: Why They Matter and How to Choose Them

Engaging in extracurricular activities constitutes an essential aspect of a student’s comprehensive growth. In addition to academics, allocating time to pursuits that captivate students’ interest is highly beneficial. It helps them take a break and relax, which in turn freshens up their brain and encourages them to focus on their studies. So keep reading to […]

10 Tips on How to Improve English Speaking Skills

English stands as the preferred language for effective global communication. Given its undeniable importance, learning English can be fun and interesting at the same time. So if you are facing any challenges speaking the language, here are 10 tips for you to improve your English speaking skills. Tips to Improve English Speaking Skills Here are […]

How to Teach Cyber Awareness to Your Children?

After the COVID-19 pandemic, a large portion of kids’ education systems have shifted online. As a result, it has increased their access to devices like tablets and smartphones like never before. This change has expanded their knowledge to new limits. However, increased online access has brought forth several risks, such as internet security threats that […]

How To Teach Your Kids Responsibility?

No child is born responsible. It is with the right parenting, guidance and support from adults around them that you can teach your child responsibility. It might feel difficult in the beginning, but it is not entirely impossible. With a little bit of patience and consistent effort, you can easily achieve this goal. Here are […]

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