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Explore the world of robotics at Narayana Schools where technology and innovation meet comprehensive education. Our dynamic robotics curriculum empowers students with practical knowledge in the fields of STEM, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Being one of the best CBSE schools, our robotics curriculum for students comprises video seminars, a programming simulator, STEM lesson plans, and even online examination worksheets for students to practise.

The objective of this programme, which is designed to impart technology-based education to students from Class V to IX, is to encourage an interactive atmosphere in the classroom and develop curiosity in the young minds.

Advantages of Robotics Programme

  • Integrated curriculum for students from Class V to IX
  • All-inclusive STEM learning and assessment
  • Opportunity for certification from Robox Singapore
  • Access to international internship courses
  • Specialised guidance for International Robotics Olympiads