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At Narayana Group of Schools, our secondary curriculum consists of skill-focused programmes that will broaden their knowledge in key subjects. At this stage, we focus on strengthening the conceptual skills and personal competencies that students have learned and acquired over the years. The skills and competencies that we focus on include:


Our e-Techno Programme is specially curated for ambitious students in middle school who aspire to excel in various competitive exams. This specialised course is designed to facilitate an in-depth understanding of fundamental concepts, providing students with a solid foundation for academic success. These include:

Conceptual Skills:

Personal Competencies:

As students start preparing for various competitive exams at this stage, Narayana aids this with our career-oriented teaching approach. Our integrated curriculum smartly encompasses State Board, CBSE, and ICSE with competitive exam syllabi, formulating a comprehensive study package that covers everything that students need for their school, CBSE board, or competitive exams. Innovative approaches to education like these are why we are one of the top CBSE schools in India. Our teaching methodology includes:

Weekly examinations and evaluations

To reduce the pressure of term-end exams on our students, we conduct weekly tests on various subjects. This helps them thoroughly understand the course material and have in-depth insight into the related topics. It also provides teachers with an opportunity to analyse the shortcomings of each student and help overcome them in order to ace the exams.

Co-curricular Assessments

To foster productivity and skill development among our students, we perform co-curricular assessments. Our teacher in-charges supervise them as they carry out the CBSE-specified activities. We also conduct club activities during school hours, which are mandatory for every student. Unique

Projects and academic activities

To promote hands-on learning, we organise numerous practical projects throughout the academic year. These activities enable learners to face hurdles and learn ways to deal with them.

Special Programmes for Competitive Exams and Olympiads

Narayana Olympiad Programme

As one of the best CBSE schools in India, our focus has always been on equipping our students with the necessary tools to make them leaders of tomorrow. The Olympiad Programme is one such initiative that helps to foster the development of IQ, analytical thinking, and rational thought processes among our students, empowering them for future success.
This programme is specially curated for students studying in Classes 6 to 10. The motto is to prepare them to ace competitive exams such as Olympiads, JEE, IIIT, etc.
Through our intensive weekly assessment patterns modelled after JEE Mains and Advanced, we empower our students to gain a comprehensive understanding of their performance and standing.

Narayana Medispark Programme

An exclusive programme to focus on the International Biology Olympiad and to secure top ranks in national and state-level medical entrance exams like NEET and AIIMS. This programme includes: