Digital Classroom

About Digital Classroom

Narayana’s digital classroom provides teachers the super power to teach students effectively through its rich content. Students learn quickly when taught through embedded technologies and interactive classrooms. They offer students a platform to master all the concepts through 3D animated videos. Narayana’s Digital classroom enables students to visualise difficult concepts with ease. The rich content has over 6000 concepts with animated videos, interactive simulations, special keyword decks, glossaries, and quizzes.


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Virtual learning environments for students with help of 2D & 3D (interactive) simulations.

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Animated Video's

A strong visualization tool to comprehending complex concepts

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Lessons equipped with Quiz /worksheet after every topic.

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Assist students to relate and recollect concepts, ideas, and learnings in a split second.

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Key Terms

Quick references such as definitions, topic highlights and terminologies used.

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A background knowledge of the topic to facilitate learning of a new topic.

Tips for teachers to use the Digital Classroom effectively

Our digital content is masterfully designed and offers a high level of engagement in the learning process.

Be Prepared – Get acquainted with the deliverables before a topic/period.

Plan – Plan a session, pause or mute the video when you feel there is a need to elucidate.

Resource utilization – Try and use all the features available and give learning a new dimension – Assimilate, Analyze, and Apply. (Follow AAA)

Evaluate – Use the Quiz to engage the students and evaluate their progress.

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