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Senior Secondary Programme: Fostering Essential Life Skills for Academic Success

Narayana’s senior secondary education programme not only helps students excel academically but also prepares them for future career endeavours. At Narayana Group of Schools, our commitment to education extends beyond the traditional curriculum. Narayana Group of Schools, among the best CBSE schools in India, offers an exceptional senior secondary programme that combines preparation for board exams with teaching for prestigious exams such as IIT, NEET, CA-CPT, and UPSC through its meticulously crafted integrated curriculum. To excel during this crucial phase and beyond, students need more than just subject knowledge; they require a comprehensive set of life skills:

Critical Thinking

In senior secondary education, critical thinking is paramount. Narayana Group of Schools fosters critical thinking through a curriculum that encourages analytical reasoning and problem-solving.

Time Management

Effective time management is essential to balancing academic responsibilities, competitive exam preparations, and extracurricular activities. Our students learn time management skills that help them maintain a disciplined study routine while pursuing their passions.

Stress Management

Senior secondary education can be stressful. We teach our students stress management techniques to stay calm under pressure, focus on their goals, and perform at their best during exams.

Communication Skills

The ability to articulate thoughts and ideas clearly is vital, especially during group discussions and interviews for competitive exams. Our students develop strong communication skills through class participation, presentations, and debate competitions.

Research and self-study skills

To succeed in competitive exams like IIT, NEET, CA-CPT, and UPSC, students must excel in self-study and research. We provide guidance and resources to help students become independent learners.

How the Narayana Group of Schools Helps Develop These Skills

Career-Oriented Approach: Our Senior Secondary Programme goes beyond conventional education. We prioritise career preparation to ensure your child is ready for the competitive landscape.
Mentorship: Our experienced faculty members serve as mentors, guiding students in time management, stress management, and study strategies.
Mock Tests and Practice: We offer a wide range of mock tests and practice exams to help students hone their exam-taking skills, reducing stress during actual exams.
Debates and Group Discussions: Regular participation in debates and group discussions enhances communication and presentation skills.
Extracurricular Activities: A well-rounded education includes extracurricular activities that nurture creativity and teamwork, further developing life skills.
Interactive Learning with nLearn: With our innovative nLearn app, we provide interactive live classes, engaging learning videos, challenging question banks, and detailed analysis of your performance.
Preparation for Competitive Exams: One of the reasons why we are the top CBSE schools in India is that our senior secondary programme is tailored to provide specialised learning and resources for competitive exams. Whether your child dreams of becoming an engineer, doctor, chartered accountant, or civil servant, we have the expertise to guide them towards success.
Narayana Group of Schools closely follows the CBSE curriculum at the senior secondary level and provides education in five learning areas: