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How to Improve Creativity in Children in 10 Simple Ways

Children who have a creative bone in them benefit in several areas of life, from self-expression and innovation to critical thinking and problem-solving. Therefore, parents can try out numerous easy & enjoyable ways to encourage creativity in the child through daily activities. This blog will discuss 10 useful strategies on how to improve creativity in […]

How to Choose Appropriate Education Stream After 10th CBSE Exam?

Along with the relief of completing the board exams emerges the inevitable confusion of deciding how to choose the best stream after 10th grade. The stream one chooses will determine the direction of their career, so it becomes critical to carefully analyse the factors to consider, the range of options available after the tenth grade, […]

7 Effective Anger Management Activities for Kids

Anger naturally expresses human emotion. Children, like adults, experience it when upset. Constructive anger is justifiable, but uncontrolled anger disrupts daily activities. Unhealthy expression impacts children’s well-being. Hence, Anger management activities can prove beneficial for kids teaching them the right set of coping skills. Read more to find out some anger management activities that address […]

Advantages of Learning a Second Language at an Early Age

In the realm of acquiring knowledge about a new language, age holds much significance. Mastery of multiple languages holds immense value in contemporary society, offering access to myriad opportunities otherwise inaccessible. Beyond facilitating communication with individuals of various backgrounds, bilingual education can confer a competitive advantage in the professional sphere. The benefits of learning a […]

How to Improve on Your Kids’ Social Skills?

Social skills play a vital role in the overall development and future success of children. Those who possess robust social skills tend to navigate social settings with confidence, articulate their thoughts clearly, and foster healthy relationships. As parents, understanding how to develop social skills in children is essential. Various straightforward and effective methods are available […]

5 Tips to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

Once children begin to walk, parents’ minds are filled with thoughts of preparing them for the next chapter of their lives— ‘kindergarten’. Kindergarten serves as the bridge between a child and the outside world, marking the initial steps in the journey of lifelong learning. Transitioning from a home environment to a school, where they interact […]

Embrace the Infinite: Narayanites celebrate Pi Day 2024

At Narayana, we prioritize building a solid conceptual foundation and imparting knowledge, especially during significant events like Pi Day. We utilise such occasions to deepen students’ understanding and appreciation of fundamental concepts, nurturing a lifelong passion for learning and mathematics. In the realm of mathematical festivities, Pi Day holds a special place, revered by enthusiasts, […]

International Women’s Day 2024: 10 Powerful and Greatest Women in Indian History

As we commemorate International Women’s Day in 2024, it’s a poignant moment to reflect on the remarkable contributions and resilience of women throughout history, especially in the context of India. From ancient times to the modern era, Indian women have played pivotal roles in shaping the nation’s destiny, breaking barriers, and inspiring generations to come. […]

Importance of Asking Questions in Class: A Guide to Efficient Performance in Academics

In classrooms, asking questions isn’t just something which one does when they don’t understand the concept. It’s a superpower that can help attain conceptual clarity, boost learning and help perform better in academics. Thus, always understand the importance of asking questions in the classroom. Not only is it one’s duty to clear doubts but it […]

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