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With a glorious 45-year legacy of academic excellence, the Narayana Group of Schools has established itself as one of the best CBSE schools in India. Today, we are one of the most prominent and highly regarded educational institutions in the country. We take immense pride in sharing the story of our beginnings.

In 1979, our visionary founder, Dr. P. Narayana, embarked on a remarkable journey, initially enrolling just seven students in a single classroom. This modest beginning soon blossomed into the extraordinary success story of what is now known as Narayana Educational Institutions. Presently, Narayana boasts a network of over 750+ schools, junior colleges, coaching centres, and professional colleges spread across 23 Indian states, making it one of the largest educational conglomerates in Asia.

At Narayana Schools, a part of The Narayana Group, we are committed to nurturing young minds right from pre-primary and guiding them through their senior secondary studies. Our central focus remains on striking a harmonious balance between the curricular and co-curricular domains. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive academic programmes tailored to help students realise their ambitions in the engineering, medical, CA, and civil service sectors, showcasing our firm dedication to career-oriented teaching. A student-centric approach is undeniably our top priority, and our ultimate vision revolves around ensuring the satisfaction and cooperation of our parents. This encapsulates the essence of what Narayana stands for.



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For pre-primary learners, our e-Kidz programme provides a joyful start to their educational journey.

Pre Primary

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Our e-Champs programme builds a strong foundation for lifelong learning, fostering curiosity and creativity.


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Our e-Techno programme for middle school students is tailored to cultivate confident and responsible individuals, equipping them with the skills needed for higher education.

Middle School

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The e-Techno programme empowers secondary students with cutting-edge technology and advanced academic & non-academic skills, elevating and enriching their educational journey.


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In Sr. Secondary, we prepare students for the future, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to excel in both academics and life beyond school.


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Success Stories

CBSE-X 2023

Naishaa Goyal

I received a CBSE 10th grade score of 497 out of 500. I'd want to thank my parents and the Narayana Group for their support. Narayana's integrated curriculum has been extremely beneficial. The emphasis here is on understanding basics rather than rote memorising. Aside from that a highly planned system of education delivery, made learning fascinating and enjoyable for me.


Affaan Ali Fakih

My CBSE 12th score was 492/500. I thank Narayana for my performance. Narayana teachers ensure kids' co-curricular and sports involvement together with academics. nLearn provided engaging content, problem sets, and exercises to test my preparation, which helped me. The Narayana system's well-designed curriculum encourages extensive practice, which helps students.

AIR-25 JEE Adv. 2023

Mehul Borad

My name is Mehul Borad. I won a gold medal at IPHO 2023, IOAA, and achieved AIR-25 in JEE Adv. 2023. I thank my parents and the Narayana Group for my success. The extensive JEE preparation I received in Narayana helped me top Olympiads. Other than intrumental guidance by my teachers, emphasis on error analysis and correction helped me better my weaknesses.

1st Rank, U-17
National-level Karate Championship

Gagana Umesh

I am Gagana Umesh, and I got 1st rank in U-14 in the National Level Karate Championship. I was able to balance my academics & sports together because of my training strategy and the teachers at Narayana. My teachers made the concepts so clear that I did not need to worry about the exams at all. Because of this, I was able to concentrate on both my sports and my exams.

in CBSE X   +
Under-19 Throwball National Player

Arya Ram Munde

I've studied at Narayana since 7th grade. I learned organisation and time management here, which helped me in sports and school. My teachers always encouraged me to play sports without pressure to achieve well in school. They helped me create and modify my notes. At Narayana, both athletic and academic environment is great.

AIR -1
JEE Adv. 2023 Female Category

Naga Bhavya Sree

My name is Naga Bhavya Sree, and I secured AIR-1 in the female category and 56 in the open category in JEE Adv. 2023. I would like to dedicate my success to my parents and the Narayana Group. At Narayana, the faculty really motivated me to give my best. The microschedule played an important role in helping me plan my preparation strategy.

AIR - 9
JEE Adv. 2023

Balaaji Nagi Reddy

I am Balaaji Nagi Reddy, and I have achieved AIR 9 in JEE Adv. 2023. It feels great to have achieved this result. I dedicate my results to my parents, grandparents, and the Narayana Group. I have been associated with Narayana for the last 5 years. Narayana faculty push and motivate you to perform better, while their microschedule helps you plan your preparation.

NEET 2023

G. Giri Varshitha

My name is G. Giri Varshitha, and I have been studying at Narayana since 11th Grade. I have achieved a score of 710 out of 720 in NEET 2023. I would like to attribute my success to my parents, the Narayana administration, and my teachers. I found the environment here to be very pleasant and stress-free, which is important for NEET preparation.