Fulfilling Dreams: Narayanite Varshitha Excels in National Triple Jump and Academics


Varshitha, a distinguished student of Narayana Schools and a National Triple Jump player, has truly exemplified the balance between academic excellence and sportsmanship. Her journey, which began over seven years ago when she joined Narayana Schools in the 4th grade, is a testament to her dedication, perseverance, and the exceptional support she received from her parents and teachers.


In her recent 10th SSC exams, Varshitha scored an impressive 593 out of 600 marks, showcasing her outstanding academic capabilities. Her success in academics is paralleled by her achievements in sports, where she has made a name for herself as a National Triple Jump player. Reflecting on her journey, Varshitha expresses her happiness in being able to efficiently manage her time to excel in both academics and sports.

Varshitha’s dream is to become a doctor while continuing to excel in triple jump. She believes that her ability to balance these two demanding pursuits was made possible by the constant support and guidance from her parents and teachers. With their help, she developed a routine that allowed her to give equal attention to both her studies and her athletic training.

“My teachers and faculty were incredibly supportive, especially when I had matches. They provided additional support to cover the topics I missed and promptly clarified my doubts. They never let me fall behind with my schedules,” Varshitha shares. This unwavering support from her educators, coupled with their focus on building a strong foundation through conceptual clarity and regular tests, significantly contributed to her academic success.

The quality of teaching at Narayana Schools, which emphasises on a deep understanding of concepts, played a crucial role in boosting Varshitha’s confidence levels. This confidence, in turn, helped her achieve excellent marks. The regular assessments and personalised attention from her teachers ensured that she was always prepared and never overwhelmed, despite her busy schedule.

Varshitha’s story is an inspiring example of what can be achieved with determination and a strong support system. She advises other students to stay focused and committed to their dreams. “Once you are determined, you will end up giving your best. Your dreams can come true if you persevere and never give up,” she says.

Her journey underscores the importance of time management, dedication, and the pivotal role of a supportive educational environment. Varshitha’s achievements are not just a personal triumph but also a reflection of the excellence fostered by Narayana Schools. Her dual pursuit of becoming a doctor and excelling in triple jump illustrates that with the right balance and support, it is possible to achieve greatness in multiple fields.

In conclusion, National Triple Jump player B. Sai Varshitha’s remarkable accomplishments in both academics and sports serve as a beacon of inspiration for other students. Her story is a powerful reminder that dreams are attainable with hard work, focus, and unwavering support from family and teachers. Narayana Schools, through their emphasis on quality education and over-all development, have once again proven to be the breeding ground for future stars like Varshitha. While striking a balance between academic rigour, extracurricular enrichment, and unwavering support, Narayana continues to shape the leaders and achievers of tomorrow, ensuring that every dream is nurtured and every success celebrated, because at Narayana, Your Dreams Are Our Dreams.

Fulfilling Dreams: Narayanite Varshitha Excels in National Triple Jump and Academics

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