Empowering Dreams: Narayana Schools Commemorate National Science Day 2024

 National Science Day holds great significance in India as it celebrates the discovery of the Raman effect by the eminent physicist Sir C.V. Raman on February 28, 1928. This day is celebrated to honour his contributions to the field of science and to promote scientific temper among the masses. Narayana Schools celebrated National Science […]

Uniting Through Language: Narayana Schools Embrace International Mother Language Day

Every year on February 21st, countries around the world come together to celebrate International Mother Language Day. This day serves as a reminder of the importance of linguistic diversity and the preservation of mother languages, which are essential for cultural identity and social cohesion. At Narayana Schools, International Mother Language Day 2024 held significant relevance […]

Narayana Schools Tune in to World Radio Day with Engaging Activities

World Radio Day, celebrated on February 13th every year, holds significant importance in recognizing the power of radio as a medium for communication, information, and entertainment worldwide. It serves as a platform to promote diversity and freedom of expression while highlighting the role of radio in fostering dialogue and understanding among diverse communities. At Narayana […]

From Dreams to Success: Narayana Students Excel with Perfect Scores in JEE Main 2024 Session 1

In a remarkable display of excellence, four bright students from Narayana Schools have set the stage for their journey towards success by achieving a perfect score of 300/300 in the JEE Main 2024 Session 1 as per the provisional key provided by the National Testing Agency (NTA). With M Sai Teja, Shaik Suraj, Aryan Prakash, […]

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