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Welcome to Narayana School Odisha

With an admirable history of 44 years of excellence, Narayana School Odisha is cultivating the young minds of the nation to bring a brighter tomorrow. Established in 1979, Narayana encompasses more than 750 schools, coaching centres and junior colleges, and professional colleges across 23 Indian states. Our state-of-the-art facilities, coupled with an innovative educational methodology characterised by scientifically developed study materials, comprehensive microschedules, adoption calling, technology-driven framework, individualised learning, and diverse extracurricular options, support the well-rounded development of young minds.

With the help of cutting-edge technologies, advanced labs and digital classrooms, our dedicated teachers prepare every student to compete on a global scale. As a strong foundation of learning, we employ several proven teaching strategies to maximise our students’ potential. On top of that, we offer complete guidance to succeed in the state and national level entrance exams so that they can choose their desired career options or colleges. Alongside academics, we also encourage students to become global citizens promoting better tomorrow.