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Why Choose Narayana School?

Narayana School is one of the top schools in India that focus on not just academics but the overall excellence of your child. We encourage our students not only to listen but also to be heard. Our aim is to foster and nurture young minds into leaders of tomorrow so that they become exemplary professionals in their chosen fields.

Here are some of the reasons why Narayana is one of the best CBSE schools in the country:

Age-Appropriate Educational Programmes:

We offer age-appropriate educational programmes such as e-Kidz, e-Champs, and e-Techno, designed to match each developmental stage of your child's academic journey.

Integrated Curriculum:

Narayana integrates CBSE, state boards, and competitive exam syllabuses, ensuring a well-rounded education for our students.

Adoption Calling Programme:

In our unique Adoption Calling Programme, each student is adopted by one dedicated mentor, who connects with students and parents every two weeks, understands their concerns, and resolves them in collaboration with subject teachers during classroom sessions

Exclusive Microschedules:

We provide exclusive microschedules to enhance students' comprehension of various concepts and subjects.

Personalised Study Plans:

Our R&D team meticulously crafts personalised study plans tailored to students' needs from pre-primary to higher secondary levels.


Our age-appropriate sports programme promotes physical well-being and offers students a refreshing academic break.

Soft Skills Programme:

Narayana's soft skills programme focuses on building confidence, effective communication, and holistic personality development.

Disha Programme:

This programme offers mental wellness counselling to combat negativity and provide timely guidance.


Our in-house app facilitates seamless parent-school communication, ensuring timely updates and information sharing.


nLearn is a digital platform for students to access classroom content, take practice tests, assess their progress, and receive expert guidance for doubt resolution.