Explore the Lab and Activity Room at Narayana Group of Schools in Odisha


Unleash Curiosity, Explore the Lab of Possibilities
Where Science Comes to Life: Our State-of-the-Art Laboratories
Innovate, Discover, Excel: Laboratories of Exploration

Narayana, for Comprehensive Growth

Narayana Group of Schools in Odisha, has some of the best laboratories out there. Our state-of-the-art labs are thoughtfully designed to nurture the curiosity of young minds and provide the best educational experience possible. Be it the field of physics, chemistry, biology, or computer science; our labs are equipped with the latest apparatus, samples, and equipment that ensures high-quality practical knowledge.

At Narayana Group of Schools, one can expect their child to get the best help from our resource centres. Also, there are supervisors to guide students in their experiments as well as all the related analytical procedures.

Furthermore, not only as a compliment to formal education but as an independent source of knowledge, our students take part in various extracurricular activities. To facilitate that we offer activity centres for activities such as music rooms, art rooms, kid’s play zones, dance rooms, etc.

Activity Centre

Narayana Group of Schools believes that extracurricular activities such as puzzle solving, board games, etc. can provide a useful channel where students can consciously or unconsciously reinforce the lessons learned in the classrooms.

The opposite is also true. The lessons learned during an art lesson, a dance performance, etc. can inspire deeper and wider understanding during classroom studies. Thus our activity centres play a definite role in the overall development of each student.


Our laboratories are the ideal place to conduct research, collaborate, experiment, analyse, reach logical conclusions, and so on. The state-of-the-art laboratories of Narayana group of Schools Odisha, allow and encourage an interactive learning environment where students get inspired to develop their problem-solving skills, critical-thinking abilities, and creativity.

Personalised Learning

The primary advantage of enrolling your kid at Narayana is that there is an optimum student-teacher ratio. This enables our teachers to focus on students who need more attention and give them proper guidance so that they can grasp complex concepts easily.

Enhanced Safety

Our students have to follow strict cleanliness guidelines that keep laboratories, activity centres, and classrooms hygienic, safe, and healthy for students. Also, learners are under 24/7 CCTV surveillance ensuring their maximum safety.

Reliable Daycare Facilities

Our reliable daycare facility encourages tiny tots to communicate among themselves effectively and explore the environment through various activities. It helps them learn and grow at their own pace and become responsible citizens.