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Your Child’s Second Home at Narayana

Narayana Group of Schools Tamil Nadu aims to bring the best boarding experience to your children. It is a place that is designed to cater to every need of students. We offer specific assistance and guidance to get students accustomed to other hostel mates and to comfortably adjust to the new lifestyle at Narayana hostels.

Narayana Group of Schools aims to provide comprehensive academic guidance, career-oriented training, sports skill development, and many more, for success in professional and personal life. Due to our integrated approach towards education, we are one of the best CBSE schools in Tamil Nadu

Your Child’s Second Home at Narayana

Here are some of the reasons why the Narayana Group of Schools stands out in West Bengal:

Our Hybrid Programme:

We have created this programme to offer students an opportunity to study the CBSE Syllabus alongside the E-Techno course.

  • ● Students residing in our hostels take special advantage of this programme as they get to learn from our educators during the extended study hours.
  • ● Preparation for the board and other competitive exams like UPSC, CA-CPT, NEET, JEE, etc. becomes easier with the extra productive hours put into study.
  • ● The E-Techno part of the programmes holds special consideration for students who aspire to crack the competitive exams.

Why Choose Narayana?

Enrol your child at any one of eighteen branches of Narayana Group of Schools in West Bengal to get advantages like:

  • ● Scientifically designed study material that improves knowledge retention
  • ● Carefully crafted microschedule that ensure effective preparation for competitive exams
  • ● Effective amalgamation of timeless and modern teaching methods to teach complicated concepts to young minds

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