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Admissions to NARAYANA SCHOOLS can be obtained through the following steps.

Admission Process

You can get your child admitted in Narayana School sec77 by following the steps mentioned below.

Step - 01

Submit the online ‘Admission Enquiry Form’ or visit our Narayana Group of Schools in sec77 in-person for the same.

Step - 02

Wait till our school counsellor goes through the admission enquiry form and approve it for the admission process.

Step - 03

Furnish all the required documents and proceed with joining formalities. You can ask for guidance from our representatives.

Age Criteria

2.5 years old complete for the Pre-Nursery

3+ years old complete for the Nursery

4+ years old complete for the KG

5+ years old complete for Grade 1

Online Admission Form

Student Details

Mantra to Build A Better Tomorrow

We, at Narayana Group of Schools sec77, strongly believe that fostering a love for education builds the foundation for lifelong learning. Keeping this objective in mind, we strive to create an all-round learning ecosystem in our school in sec77. We have the best-in-class digital classroom, laboratories, transportation facility, auditorium, and other resources to promote complete learning in students.

Commitment to Deliver Quality Education

As one of the best CBSE schools in sec77, we endeavour to foster the overall development of our students. Through quality education, we pave the way for academic excellence. Equally, we promote co-curricular and extracurricular activities, as these are necessary for the overall well-being of students. Get your child admitted to our CBSE-affiliated school and let them be part of our meticulously curated learning process.

Narayana Micro Schedules for the Mega Success

Our microschedule is an innovative framework developed by our eminent thinkers at Narayana Group of Schools to ensure that students can learn in a planned manner. By breaking down the schedule into smaller slots, our educators can focus on imparting lessons and meeting learning objectives on time. It promotes timely completion of the syllabus, enhances learning outcomes, and helps in monitoring progress.