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Narayana Group of Schools West Bengal, an Infrastructural Excellence.

Narayana Group of Schools Maharashtra, offers the infrastructural support that students need to build the bedrock of their professional and personal success.

We have comfortable digital classrooms, spacious auditoriums, well-stocked libraries, well-equipped laboratories, sports facilities, and more to aid the optimum growth of students.

Being the one of the best CBSE schools in Maharashtra, we have highly engaging digital content specially made for self-paced learning of students. Our digital library consists of worksheets, quizzes, glossaries, 3D animated videos, 6000+ audio-visual content, and much more. These promote interactive learning sessions as well as ensure that students understand concepts easily.

Day School

Among all CBSE schools in West Bengal Narayana Group offers a unique day school experience. The study plan consists of indoor and outdoor teaching programmes, helping students grasp complex concepts easily with hands-on experiences.

Additionally, our students take part in various extracurricular activities like acting on stage, oratory, sports, yoga, creating arts and crafts, etc. which gives them the necessary break from conventional studies.

Residential School

Also, at Narayana Group of Schools West Bengal we are aware of the hassles that students have to face during commuting. So, apart from transport facilities, we have also set up hostels for our learners.

The hostel comprises comfortable rooms that make students feel ‘home away from home.’ Moreover, there are separate study halls, dining rooms, playground and more ensuring hassle-free stay for learners.



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