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Narayana Group of Schools Maharashtra is committed to bringing out the best in each student. It starts by providing a seamless and extensive educational journey that makes them ready for the world. The Narayana e-Kidz is a primary education programme that nurtures the curious minds of children and guides them towards overall development.

We are committed to making our students prepare for future challenges and giving them tools for acing any test and tackle oddballs thrown by life. With traditional values and timeless principles learned from our compassionate teachers, our students set out on a journey of self-mastery from an early age.

Why Choose Narayana e-Kidz?

Enrol your child at Narayana e-Kidz to get advantage of these exceptional facilities:

  • ● Strict hygiene and cleanliness rules to ensure a safe environment for learning
  • ● Co & extracurricular activities to refresh the young minds and cater to overall growth
  • ● Optimal strength of students and healthy student-teacher ratio (Below 1:20)
  • ● Child centric curriculum designed to build confidence, social and communication skills
  • ● Regular parent-teacher meetings through the nConnect app to keep them updated
  • ● nLearn app to provide a comprehensive educational experience to students
  • ● nConnect app to provide a constant and convenient connectivity between parents and school
  • ● State of the art - CCTVs are monitored from Central office by the Management team


Being among the best CBSE schools in Maharashtra Narayana Group provides an excellent 360-degree educational experience. We offer digital classrooms that enable our teachers to utilise various tools to complement their advanced teaching methodologies. It ensures that each student retains more knowledge from every study session.

The classroom environment that Narayana Group of Schools maintains allows our educators to get complete attention from learners, so that students can learn lessons well. Furthermore, our schools offer 6000+ audio-visual concept modules, games, puzzles, quizzes, interactive sessions, animated films and more in our scientifically designed study materials.

Teaching Methodologies

Narayana Group of Schools West Bengal has teachers who use some of the most recent teaching methods along with timeless practices that work like magic. We nurture all our students through interactive learning experiences, activity-based knowledge gathering, and more. Furthermore, we emphasise the importance of communication and sharing of knowledge among students which we promote through various methods.