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Igniting Minds, Embracing Potential: Middle School Adventures
Empowering Growth, Exploring Futures: Our Middle School Journey

Ensuring Seamless Transition from Primary to Secondary

Narayana Group of Schools Karnataka has carefully designed a comprehensive middle-school study plan that aligns with CBSE standards. It ensures a solid academic foundation that is essential for absorbing secondary school education. The Narayana Group of Schools pedagogy caters to the academic needs of each student, keeping in mind the latest NEP syllabus.


For our ambitious students who want to ace various competitive exams like CA-CPT, UPSC, NEET, and so on Narayana Group of Schools Karnataka has specially crafted the e-Techno Programme. With this, we instil an in-depth understanding of fundamental concepts for all subjects.

The eTechno programme at Narayana Group of Schools, catering to students from Class 6 to 10, offers a range of unique features:

Preparation for a Competitive World: eTechno dedicates its efforts to preparing students for the competitive challenges of the modern world, equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

4 C's Approach: The programme follows the 4 C's philosophy, including common teaching, common microschedule, common examination, and common analysis. This standardised approach ensures a high-quality and uniform learning experience for all students.

Academic Adoption: eTechno provides academic support and counselling to students, helping them navigate their educational journey effectively and make informed choices.

Personalised Error Analysis and Correction: The programme focuses on individualised learning by analysing and addressing each student's specific errors and areas of improvement, allowing for tailored academic growth.

Disha: Mental Wellness Counselling: Recognising the importance of mental well-being, eTechno offers Disha, a mental wellness counselling programme, to provide emotional support and guidance to students.

Exposure to Competitive Exams: eTechno exposes students to competitive exams such as Olympiads, offering them the opportunity to challenge themselves and excel in various academic competitions.

To help students grasp complex subject matter easily through simplified concepts, we use an application-based approach. To pull this off, our committed educators collaborate with ardent content experts to scientifically design the study materials we need.