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Welcome to Narayana Group of Schools Haryana

Understanding that within every individual lies a vast, often untapped well of potential, Narayana Schools believes that this potential is best nurtured in an environment dedicated to continuous learning, supported by expertise, and profound empathy gained over multiple years of experience. The system, at Narayana Schools, that has helped millions of students fulfill their dreams is built around:

Strong R&D Team

At Narayana, our strong R&D team puts in over 15000 hours and evaluates study material from different boards, including CBSE, ICSE, and state boards, and chooses the best to create an integrated curriculum. We're here to ensure the dream of getting the best is fulfilled, because Your Dreams Are Our Dreams.

Teacher Training

Our transformative teacher training programme conducted for over 3,60,000 hours annually, equips over 15 thousand of our well-qualified and expert teachers to seamlessly align with our integrated curriculum and cutting-edge methodologies. With this, we ensure that dreams are not just nurtured but fulfilled, because at Narayana, Your Dreams Are Our Dreams.

Tech Enabled Framework

At Narayana, our tech-enabled framework, featuring in-house applications like nLearn, for online self-learning and nConnect, for school-parent connect, keeps our stakeholders abreast in this fast-paced world. Apart from 150 crore minutes of videos and lectures and I crore + tests conducted online, our smart classrooms and tech workshops, including robotics, ensure our students stay at the forefront of technological advancements. We ensure the dreams of continuous learning never take a back seat as, Your Dreams Are Our Dreams.

Mental Wellness

At Narayana, we are partners in the journey towards success, and our strong team of psychologists and counsellors at DISHA, the metal wellness programme, provides over 2.5 lakh hours of counselling to the students to help them overcome challenges & conquer the world with resilience and confidence, as Your Dreams Are Our Dreams.

Overall Development

Our team of over 500 Physical Education and Soft Skill Trainers, nurture physical agility, personality development, creative thinking, scientific exploration, and more. We fulfil the dream of shaping well rounded individuals, as Your Dreams Are Our Dreams.