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Purposeful Guidance for Academic and Professional Success


Narayana Group of Schools Haryana has designed their Secondary school curriculum aiming to develop a broad knowledge base on subject matters, high skillfulness, and critical thinking ability of learners. Our interactive learning modules exert emphasis on imparting both theoretical and practical knowledge of the subjects.

With this, we can ensure that learners get to discover their own interests while achieving mastery over various academic disciplines. We know how necessary comprehensive education is for succeeding in the near and far future across various phases of life.

Examinations and Evaluations

Being among the CBSE-affiliated schools in Haryana, we conduct terminal exams and periodic tests following innovative as well as traditional processes. Our weekly tests help learners to thoroughly understand each subject matter. Also, it gives our teachers enough opportunity to identify the weak points and build strategies to strengthen them so that students secure high scores in exams.

Co-curricular Assessments

Not only to necessitate skill development and productivity does Narayana Group of Schools West Bengal conduct co-curricular assessments, but also it is to give equal importance to the creative, physical, and mental learning process. One can notice our zeal in the fact that it is mandatory to participate in club activities during school hours which involves an array of activities.

Projects and Academic Activities

Our projects and practical assignments are designed based on the CBSE guidelines to promote hands-on learning for enhanced knowledge retention. Numerous practical classes and projects are conducted to help students grasp subject matters better and develop their problem-solving skills along with creativity to stand apart.

Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Narayana

Enrol your child in the nearest branch of Narayana Schools to unlock the following advantages:

  • ● Activities like sports, theatre, oratory, etc. that encourage personality development
  • ● nSports provides students with an age-appropriate sports curriculum that promotes physical fitness, agility, and overall well-being. It allows students to engage in structured physical activities that complement their academic studies
  • ● Our Soft Skills Development programme includes components aimed at enhancing students' soft skills. This focuses on improving confidence, the ability to articulate thoughts, and effective communication, contributing to their overall personality development
  • ● Regular parent-teacher interaction through the nConnect app to provide updates to parents about every stage of their child’s educational journey
  • We place a strong emphasis on developing specific skills and competencies in our students, encompassing both conceptual skills and personal competencies.

Conceptual Skills:

  • ● Reasoning and Analytical Ability: We nurture students' capacity for logical thinking and analysis.
  • ● Application Skills: We encourage practical application of knowledge.
  • ● Logical Thinking: We promote logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities.
  • ● Numerical Problem-Solving Ability: We focus on enhancing students' proficiency in solving numerical problems.
  • ● Grasping Ability: We help students improve their ability to grasp complex concepts.
  • ● Concentration Power: We enhance their concentration and focus.

Personal Competencies:

  • ● Self-reliance: We instill self-reliance and the ability to independently tackle challenges.
  • ● Confidence: We nurture self-confidence in our students.
  • ● Will Power: We strengthen their determination and willpower.
  • ● Psychological Strength: We support their mental resilience and well-being.
  • ● Right Stir and Zeal: We encourage a positive attitude and enthusiasm.

Physical Stamina: We recognise the importance of physical health and stamina.

As students embark on their journey to prepare for various competitive exams, Narayana employs a career-oriented teaching approach. Our integrated curriculum seamlessly incorporates State Board, CBSE, and ICSE syllabi with competitive exam content, creating a comprehensive study package. This comprehensive approach ensures that students are well-prepared not only for their school exams but also for competitive entrance tests. Our innovative teaching methodologies have earned us a reputation as one of the top CBSE schools in Haryana.