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Narayana e-Techno School – Excellence in Academics Since 2018

Narayana e-Techno School MG Road Gurgaon has a distinct ethos that encourages our students to cultivate their individual strengths and develop deeper curiosities so that they can overcome any difficulty with competence. We have structured the academic environment of the school in such a way that encourages students to develop their knowledge and curiosity.

In our pursuit of creating such an environment and providing the best academic service, our infrastructure offers a great helping hand. With dedicated educators, highly effective teaching methods, and customisable study plans, our infrastructure creates the best educational ecosystem fostering comprehensive growth. 

Day School

Narayana e-Techno School's day school encourages the students to develop a unique voice. Here they not only become good at listening but at being heard too. With various interactive activities at the day school, students learn to take calculated risks and learn from the environment. We have drawn the educational map so that they can become successful professionals in sects of their choice.

Infrastructural Highlights 

Here are some of the reasons that make Narayana e-Techno School one of the best schools in MG Road Gurgaon:

  • Well-organised and hygienic digital classrooms
  • Spacious well-furnished auditorium
  • Comprehensive library
  • State-of-the-art laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology and computer science
  • Excellent sporting facilities for tiny tots to adolescents
  • Medical check-up facility for regular health check-ups
  • Transportation services for enhanced safety and comfort
  • Complete security with CCTV cameras and a dedicated security team       

Day School

We have revolutionised the day-school learning experience for students by integrating it with innovative technologies. Also, we organise both indoor and outdoor educational activities that allow students to get hands-on learning experience for critical and complicated concepts.

At Narayana School Andal, we aim for the holistic development of students. For this, we have set up activities like sports, yoga, and meditation that help students relax after brainstorming throughout their class.

Furthermore, we enlist numerous digital resources in our e-library that enable a student to instantly access them. Also, our experienced teachers precisely follow the micro-schedules, ensuring students get substantial knowledge throughout.