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Continuous Guidance from Experienced Teachers for the Academic Excellence of Students

The primary goal of Narayana Group of Schools mg road, is to provide outstanding educational facilities to our students so that they can achieve academic excellence. For this purpose, we have hired teachers who have extensive academic experience in their respective fields.

At Narayana School, we believe in maintaining an optimal teacher-student ratio. This helps teachers provide personalised guidance to every student throughout their academic journey to ensure they achieve their career goals. Also, they can monitor the progress of each student and take the necessary measures if the learners fall short.

Our teachers strictly adhere to the micro schedules formulated at the beginning of the academic year. This helps students get the best subject knowledge that builds a strong foundation for their higher studies. This is the secret behind our students securing top ranks in different medical and engineering entrance exams year after year.

Being one of the best schools in mg road, we strive to revolutionise the way education is imparted. For this, our teachers use innovative teaching and learning materials such as images, animated videos, and 2D and 3D simulations. This not only helps students easily understand complicated concepts but also remember them for a long time.

Furthermore, after the completion of every topic, our teachers conduct tests to evaluate students’ knowledge. If the learners do not perform well, they conduct remedial teaching as well as extra classes for their benefit. Moreover, our teachers conduct periodic meetings to update guardians about their child's academic progress.

At Narayana Group of Schools mg road, we understand that academic pressure and cut-throat competition can disturb the mental health of students. So, our teachers conduct sessions on time management and stress-busting that guide learners throughout life. Also, they ensure a welcoming environment so that students can freely express themselves.

Our faculty members also provide mentorship and individual counselling to prepare students from an early age to take calculated risks. Moreover, they take necessary measures to develop life skills like communication and interpersonal skills among students. This helps learners develop all-round personalities and become prominent individuals in their chosen field of interest.