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Crafting Tomorrow's Innovators
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Unveiling Potential, Fuelling Ambitions

Sr. Secondary Education at the Narayana School MG Road Gurgaon

The most important function of education is to help a student shape their career. At the Narayana Schools, we nurture both theoretical and practical skills that will help students in their professional lives. Preparing students for competitive entrance examinations such as JEE, NEET, Olympiad and other educational programmes is an essential part of sr. secondary schooling.

We aim to provide students with the best facilities and mentoring possible that will help them in these competitive entrance examinations.


Senior Secondary is one of the most important phases of a student's formal education. During this period, students get the option to choose which stream they want to study and pursue a career in. Guidance and mentoring play an important role in helping them choose the correct stream and encouraging them to achieve their dreams.

Narayana School MG Road Gurgaon follows the CBSE curriculum at the senior secondary level and provides education in five learning areas, such as:

  • Humanities
  • Commerce
  • Science and Mathematics
  • Languages
  • Health and Physical Education

Other than the curriculum, we also help children develop important life skills such as creative thinking, curiosity, and problem-solving. Having these skills will help them to build a better future for themselves. 

Teaching Methodologies

At Narayana Schools, we believe in practical education more than textbook learning. It is our utmost priority that every student understands the fundamental concepts and excel at problem-solving.

Our faculty of experienced educators and teachers make sure that they teach every student according to their strengths and weaknesses. It helps our students in their higher studies and career path as well.

Exams and Evaluation

Conducting regular class tests and examinations helps students develop a better understanding of their curriculum and syllabus. Regular term exams and class tests also help assess their strengths and weaknesses.

Facilities and Activities

Participating in school activities and events is as important as formal education. Here are some of the most essential facilities available at the Narayana School MG Road Gurgaon: