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Designed and Planned by our Early Child Care Experts
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Experience Unique Learning at Narayana

Empowering students is the mantra

What makes the Narayana Group of Schools stand out from the rest is its pattern of learning and education. The steps to ensure a successful career for the kids are taken from their early days of learning. This helps them stay a step ahead of their contemporaries and pave an extraordinary career path.

Passion & Commitment at Narayana

Narayana strives to make education learner-centric. We have committed ourselves to continuous enrichment of the ways to impart education among its students since its inception. Consistent passion and commitment are what enable us to guide future global leaders.

Narayana Microschedule

Microschedule at Narayana School mg road is a revolutionary and innovative educational programme that is designed by professors and lecturers who have years of experience in pedagogy and child guidance.

Our innovative pedagogy encompasses meticulously designed daily and hourly schedules for students to adhere to throughout their yearly academic journey. This comprehensive plan is shared with parents and students, ensuring precise adherence. Flawless execution of this approach is the cornerstone of our students' success, consistently yielding top rankings year after year at Narayana.

Why Choose Narayana?

As one of the top CBSE-affiliated schools in mg road, Narayana has some distinct advantages of its own. Give your child access to the following exclusive learning advantages:
● Innovative ways to impart education
● Reliable daycare facility
● Parent-teacher engagement for constant communication
● Focus on hygiene and cleanliness to ensure a healthy self and surroundings
● Personalised curriculum for 360-degree learning