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Narayana School e-Techno School Bhayandar West, an Infrastructural Marvel

Welcome to Narayana e-Techno School wherein we believe that the school environment influences the learning behaviour of an individual. Adhering to this belief, we have designed our school using world-class amenities that help our students reach their academic potential. At Narayana e-Techno School Bhayandar West, all our classrooms are scientifically designed having state-of-the-art amenities. Each class uses well-ventilated air conditioning systems for a relaxed learning experience.

Day School

Narayana e-Techno School offers a unique day school curriculum that includes indoor as well as outdoor learning programmes. The outdoor form of learning popularised by our experienced teachers ensures a more hands-on approach in our interactive learning study plans.

Being one of the best CBSE schools in Bhayandar West, we maintain a fully stocked library along with modern laboratories. Our libraries consist of a wide range of physical as well as e-books providing knowledge on a large spectrum.

At Narayana e-Techno School Bhayandar West, we prioritise the overall development of our students and not just traditional information. We offer a wide range of co-curricular as well as extracurricular activities that ensure a proper rest of mind for our students after a day of learning. Students can choose their area of interest from our range of indoor and outdoor games like chess, football, cricket, yoga, and more.

Infrastructural Highlights

Some of the facilities your child can experience at Narayana e-Techno School Bhayandar West that make us the top choice for their education:

  • Modern digital classrooms and stacked libraries that facilitate interactive learning
  • Regular school bus facilities for safe and comfortable journeys to and from the school
  • Safe and hygienic science laboratories with advanced instruments
  • Wide range of outdoor sports activities like football, hockey, cricket and more including indoor activities like chess, yoga, meditation, etc.  
  • 24/7 continuous CCTV surveillance ensures a safe environment

Benefits of Enrolling Your Child at Narayana

Some of the benefits your child will get by enrolling with us:

  • Continuous monitoring of your child’s performance via the nConnect app
  • Various after-school activities promoting mental as well as physical development
  • Regular stringent hygiene checks promoting a safe learning environment


Day School

We have revolutionised the day-school learning experience for students by integrating it with innovative technologies. Also, we organise both indoor and outdoor educational activities that allow students to get hands-on learning experience for critical and complicated concepts.

At Narayana School Andal, we aim for the holistic development of students. For this, we have set up activities like sports, yoga, and meditation that help students relax after brainstorming throughout their class.

Furthermore, we enlist numerous digital resources in our e-library that enable a student to instantly access them. Also, our experienced teachers precisely follow the micro-schedules, ensuring students get substantial knowledge throughout.