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Career-Oriented Coaching to Ensure Your Child’s Bright Future

At Narayana Group of Schools Bhayandar West, we believe that preparation for a student's future career begins at school. Thus, our Secondary curriculum consists of skill-focused programmes that will broaden their knowledge in key subjects while also fostering communication and critical thinking skills.

Our secondary education curriculum is based on CBSE guidelines aligned with NCERT courses to keep our learners on par with international educational standards. Furthermore, we try to facilitate an interactive learning experience while placing due emphasis on theory as well as practical.  

This helps students gain mastery over academic disciplines and their areas of application. Thus, rather than just knowing, they get to learn, analyse and apply their knowledge in real life. 

Examinations and Evaluations

To reduce the pressure of term-end exams on our students, we conduct weekly tests on various subjects. This helps them thoroughly understand the course material and have in-depth insight into the related topics. It also provides teachers with an opportunity to analyse the shortcomings of each student and help overcome them in order to ace the exams.

When it comes to periodic tests and terminal exams, we conduct them as per the CBSE guidelines. 

Co-curricular Assessments

To foster productivity and skill development among our students, we perform co-curricular assessments. They are done based on CBSE-specified activities and are supervised by our teacher in-charges.

We also conduct club activities during school hours which are mandatory for every student.  

Projects and Academic Activities

To promote hands-on learning, we organise numerous projects and practical classes throughout the academic year. These activities enable learners to face hurdles and learn ways to deal with them.

All projects and practical assignments at Narayana Schools Bhayandar West are done following the CBSE guidelines. 

Special Programmes for Competitive Exams and Olympiads

Our curriculum also consists of age-appropriate programmes that prepare children for the next chapter in their academic journeys. For aspirants who wish to ace state- and national-level competitive exams, we offer the e-Techno programme. It provides students with additional training on Logical and Analytical reasoning, enabling them to confidently appear for exams like NEET, IIT-JEE, CA-CPT, UPSC and more.

Also, we conduct Olympiad programmes which help students sharpen their IQ and logical and analytical thought processes. This prepares interested learners to take part in national and international-level Olympiad exams, thus expanding the prospects of their future professional careers. 

Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Narayana

Enrolling your kid in Narayana School has several benefits.