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Get in touch with Narayana e-Techno School Bhayandar West, to provide experiential learning opportunities to your child. Our fully equipped laboratories consist of modern tools and apparatus providing our students with real-world knowledge. Be it physics, chemistry or biology, our laboratories, with all the relevant tools and coupled with experienced teachers, ensure real-life knowledge integration.

As we are one of the best CBSE schools in Bhayandar West, our primary aim is to create a fun learning activity. Our students while conducting practical experiments get the in-depth knowledge that is required for a deeper understanding. This ensures the long-term grasping of various complex concepts by your child with ease.


We are among some of the premier educational institutes in India, dedicatedly enhancing the problem-solving skills of your child. Our teachers maintain an environment that encourages outside-the-box thinking of students. Narayana e-Techno School Bhayandar West with proper guidance and clean laboratories, ensures the best education for your child.

Why Choose Narayana?

Narayana e-Techno Schools offer various facilities that make us stand out from other schools. These amenities help us rank among the top CBSE schools in Bhayandar West. The facilities include:


  • Enhanced Safety

  • Personalised Learning

  • Strict Hygiene Checks