Narayanites Exhibit True Freedom on 77th Independence Day

Independence Day, a momentous occasion that stirs the hearts of every Indian with pride and patriotism, was celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm at Narayana Educational Institutions. At over 400 branches, the Narayana family, including students, faculty, and supporting staff, came together to express their love and dedication for the nation, defying the boundaries of age, caste, religion and background.

Depicting the true meaning of freedom, our female Physical Education Trainers, who chose to pursue their passion in a field dominated by male professionals, led the group of students and presented exercises and bands and made a mark in their chosen field. Standing as a live example for the students and sharing their journeys, our female PETs also motivated the students to pursue their interests in life.

From the 8th to the 15th of August, we transcended the ordinary one-day observance and embarked on an extensive Independence Week celebrations. Aptly themed "Know My India," this immersive journey was meticulously crafted to enlighten students about the profound significance of India's Independence, steeped in its rich historical tapestry. This immersive exploration not only nurtured curiosity among students but also sparked a deep-seated sense of honour for the nation's heritage.


The week shone bright with music and dance competitions, offering a stage for students to express their love for the country through the medium of art. The campus resonated with the echoes of traditional Indian dance forms and patriotic melodies, fostering an intimate connection to unity and patriotism among the attendees.

Marking the morning of 77th Independence Day, the school's Principal and Vice Principal, joined by the Head Boy and Head Girl, orchestrated the unfurling of the national flag, a ceremony that resonated with collective pride. As a further homage to the gallant endeavors of the freedom fighters, students took to the stage with resounding speeches, narrating tales of valor and resilience.

Dr. P. Sindhura, Director of Narayana Educational Institutions, remarked, "Independence Day holds a deep significance in our nation's history, and it is heartening to witness the fervour of patriotism displayed by every member of the Narayana family on the 77th Independence Day. As educators, it is our responsibility to instill a strong sense of national pride and integrity in our students, empowering them to contribute positively to the growth and progress of our beloved country."

The event echoed the vision of the school, where education not only imparts knowledge but also instills the virtues of respect, understanding, and togetherness. Jai Hind!