How To Get Your Teenager To Trust And Talk To You?

How to get your teenager to trust and talk to you?

If you are the parents of a teenager, you would know it is a huge struggle to figure out how to get your teenager to trust you. Children go through both physical and emotional changes in their teen years, and as a result, they sometimes grow distant from their parents. If you are also looking for ways to get them to trust and talk to you, then this blog can help.

Ways to get your teenager to trust you:

Create a safe space for your teenagers

One of the first tips for communicating with your teens is to make them feel safe with you. Safe space isn’t just limited to physical safety but also emotional safety. Teenagers don’t usually share things with their parents because they think it would just worsen the situation.

As a parent, it is important to make them believe that they can trust you. Make sure they know that you want to help them and won’t do anything that would make them regret opening up to their parents.

Choose a right time

No person is always in the same headspace, and the same goes for your child. As a parent, you will have to sense a time when you think they would be more comfortable to talk to. It is usually a time when it is just you and your child.

When you get some private time with your child, you can nudge them to talk to you. However, do not push them beyond their boundaries. Even if you are desperate to find out what’s going on in their life, pushing them too hard can have an entirely opposite effect.

Don’t be judgemental

Teenagers are very sensitive to how you react to their behaviour, and it can make building trust with teens a bit more difficult. So, when your teenager tells you something, do not immediately snap or judge their actions.

For example, if your kid tells you, he got into a fight at school, don’t immediately start scolding them for it. Instead, ask them what happened first and what made them get into it.

Even if you feel your child was wrong, calmly explain to them why it was wrong to get into a physical fight and what they could have done differently.

• Talk to your kids about their friends

Building trust and open communication with your teenager can be a rewarding journey. Start by familiarising yourself with their friends, taking the time to understand their strengths, interests, and preferences. By discussing these aspects, you can initiate conversations with them and provide guidance when needed. Subtly inquire about their school activities and experiences to learn more about their daily lives. This proactive approach will not only foster a sense of trust but also allow you to create a supportive environment where your teenager feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and experiences with you.

● Understand the generational gap

You might have often heard your parents tell you how certain things were different in their time. Similarly, the way you grew up won’t be the same as your teenager’s growth phase. Things change with time, and you need to accept certain changes with it as well.

So, if you are struggling with how to get your teenager to trust you, try seeing things from their point of view before you decide what is right and wrong. It shows your teenager that you are communicating with them with an open mind and would try to see their perspective as well.

● Be honest with them

Trust is a two-way street. If you expect your child to be honest with you, you need to start being honest with them too. Let your teenager know that it is okay to make mistakes sometimes. Share things about your life with them as well. This makes them see you in a more human light and helps them understand that no one can always be perfect. It makes it easier for them to be vulnerable with you in return.

● Do not always scold them

Even if your teenager’s behaviour makes you really angry at times, you still need to exercise some patience. If you are constantly nagging them all the time, it nullifies the effect of your words on them. Chances are that they would not only stop listening to you but also stop sharing their feelings with you. However, this only applies to minor everyday issues and not major problems.

Don’t make them regret trusting you

As a teenager, it takes a lot of courage for children to open up to their parents. However, if you react to it with an angry outburst, they might instantly start regretting their decision. Immediately scolding them for what they did wrong will make them grow distant from you. Instead, talk to them calmly and navigate through their feelings. Children often experience hormonal mood swings and feel confused in their teenage years, and angry outbursts just make it worse for them.


It can sometimes be very demanding raising a teenager. However, you need to understand that being a teenager is a very crucial and sensitive part of a child’s life. It’s during these times they need the most emotional support but might not always know how to seek it. As a parent, it is vital for you to know how to get your teenager to trust you so that they can approach you without hesitation.

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How To Get Your Teenager To Trust And Talk To You?

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