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The Importance of Playing Team Sports as a Child

As parents you might remember your childhood when your only worry was your mother’s anger on coming home late after playing.Some of you would also have teamed up with your friends and played cricket, kabaddi, football, hockey, etc. Then, after some years, you moved on with your life and only remembered those times as fun […]

Let us learn 7 Amazing facts about Indian Constitution on Republic Day 2024

Republic Day, or Gantantra Divas, celebrated annually on January 26th, holds great significance in the hearts of every Indian. This day marks the adoption of the Constitution of India, turning the nation into a sovereign, socialist, secular, and democratic republic. As we commemorate the 75th Republic Day, let us learn some amazing facts about Indian […]

How to Balance Academics and Co-Curricular Activities: Striking the Right Chord

Finding the perfect harmony between academics and co-curricular activities is a challenge many students face. The juggle between assignments, exams, and extracurricular commitments can be overwhelming. However, with the right strategies, it’s possible to strike a balance that allows students to excel in both areas. These are 9 tips on how to balance academics and […]

8 Best Revision Techniques for Students

As exam season looms, students often find themselves grappling with the challenge of effective revision. To help them navigate this critical phase and boost their exam performance, we’ve curated a list of the 8 best revision techniques. From starting early to rehearsing exam answers, these strategies encompass the best ways to revise for exams. Start […]

7 Interesting Makar Sankranti Facts

Makar Sankranti, a festival deeply rooted in the Hindu tradition, stands out as a rare celebration based on the solar cycle. This vibrant festival encompasses a myriad of fascinating customs, beliefs, and rituals that make it a unique and joyous occasion for millions of people across India. This festival is also deeply rooted in Indian […]

How to Increase the Attention Span of School Children?

Keeping a child focused on a task can be tough for parents, especially if the child has no interest in the task at hand. This challenge is particularly evident in classrooms, where young students often play with pencils, and struggle to focus. Child development experts suggest that, on an average, a child should be able […]

8 Benefits of Reading Newspaper for Students

In an age dominated by digital screens and instant information, the habit of reading newspapers might seem like a relic of the past. However, its relevance remains unparalleled, especially for school kids who are constantly learning. In this blog, we delve into the benefits of reading newspapers for students and understand why it’s not just […]

CBSE vs ICSE: Differences Explained

Providing children with the best education is the dream of every parent. Selecting the appropriate education board requires significant planning and research. In this comprehensive blog on CBSE vs ICSE, you will learn about the differences associated with these boards, helping you make an informed decision about your child’s education. About CBSE CBSE, also known […]

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