How To Promote Physical Fitness In Children?

How to Promote Physical Fitness in Children?

Post the pandemic, the significance of promoting physical fitness has become abundantly clear. With physical activity getting more limited every day because of our sedentary lifestyle, pre-mature health problems are being observed in all age groups. This is important, even more so for your children.

As a parent, it becomes essential to encourage your child to be engaged in various physical activities. Now we understand that relevant infrastructure for their sports and other physical activities cannot always be present in every neighbourhood. So, in this blog we will suggest you many ways where you could just use space in and around your house.

Here are seven creative ways to promote physical fitness in children that you can use.

7 Ways to Promote Physical Fitness in Children

1. Include exercises in daily routine: Incorporating some necessary exercises in the daily routine of your child is necessary for their consistent physical growth. It will help build both their physical and mental endurance and will teach them the importance of discipline. These can be push ups, jump squats, jumping jack, arm circles, etc.

2. Encourage walking over long distances: Wherever possible, instead of taking public or private transport, you can encourage your child to walk over long distances. This practice can help them stay fit and boost their stamina.

3. Allow them enough playtime: Sports are one of the best ways to be healthy. It is very much possible that there is already a sport which your child loves. They may meet up with their friends every day for playing it. Make a schedule and allow enough time for them to play, this will help them be physically fit and have fun at the same time.

4. Use rewards for achieving fitness goals: Parents can set some fitness goals for their children and reward them for achieving these goals. For instance, if a child completes their weekly exercise targets, such as a certain number of rounds running in a park, they can be rewarded with extra playtime, a special outing, or a small treat. These rewards keep children motivated to achieve their fitness goals.

5. Use yoga for fitness and relaxation: Yoga activities like simple stretches, asanas, and pranayamas, help children relax when they are tense and also improve the efficiency of their lungs.

6. Turn physical activity into family bonding: You and your spouse can even take out some time from the hectic schedule and work out with them. You can take your children to the local park or encourage bicycle riding on the footpath so that they enjoy their physical activities. Doing so keeps all the family members fit and establishes a strong family bond.

7. Convert physical activity into a fun game: You can also encourage your child to perform physical activities through different fun games. These games can include running in circles, jumping, Kho-kho, and more.

10 Benefits of Physical Activity in Children

Following are some of the benefits that children can get from different physical activities in their daily lives:

1. Improved cardiovascular fitness: Physical activities strengthen heart muscles, reduce harmful cholesterol, and make lungs more efficient.

2. Healthy sleep patterns: Reduction of stress (specially in teens) is one of the notable advantages that help children relax and have good quality sleep.

3. Increased confidence: Physical activities help children achieve mental well-being, which can boost their overall confidence.

4. Improved concentration: You will notice that your child can focus well on their studies upon incorporating sports into their daily routine because physical activity helps enhance blood circulation to the brain, facilitating better cognitive function and attention.

5. Helps in relaxation when tensed: Yoga involving simple stretches and breathing exercises can relax the mind and body of your child when they are extremely tense.

6. Improved body balance: Sports improve the coordination between body and mind which helps in improving body balance.

7. Build stronger bones and muscles: Daily physical activities help children build stronger bones and muscles and increase the overall body’s strength.

8. Improved posture during tasks: You will notice a prompt improvement in the posture of your child if they exercise regularly. because physical activity strengthens core muscles and promotes better body alignment, leading to an upright and comfortable posture during various activities and tasks.

9. Increased body flexibility: Due to stretching and other exercises, there is a notable improvement in flexibility helping them achieve physical fitness.

10. Keep a check on body weight: Physical activities burn out excess calories in the body and keep a check on the weight of your kid.

It is essential to promote physical fitness in children from an early age so they can build a disciplined and healthy lifestyle. This even helps them achieve success in any field of their choice and stay ahead of their peers.

Sporting Excellence at Narayana

At Narayana, we are dedicated to the overall development of students, ensuring that they thrive in academics, sports, and beyond. To achieve this, we have designed an age-appropriate physical education curriculum called nSports.

Highlights of our age-appropriate sports curriculum:

• Kindergarten: Emphasis on developing gross motor skills, fine motor skills, object manipulation, and balance.

• Grades 1 to 5: Focus on fitness, gross motor skills, and the basics of sports such as basketball, volleyball, throwball, kabaddi, badminton, football, frisbee, kho-kho, and athletics.

• Grades 6 to 10: Advanced sports skills development, with a focus on physical conditioning, competitions, and talent identification.

• Junior college: Emphasis on physical fitness and conditioning

To ensure all-round development of your child with a specialised curriculum for both academics and sports, contact us now.

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How To Promote Physical Fitness In Children?

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