Specially designed integrated curriculum
to give additional edge

Career Oriented Coaching……
Right from Schooling

Narayana offers strong foundation and promises best subject Knowledge enhancement with different methodologies of foundation &implementation for all the Medical & Engineering streams related Competitive courses & entrance enaminations.

Narayana gives global edge to every student through International Olympiads

  • Develops life skills like Communication & Interpersonal skills.

  • Decision making and critical thinking.

  • Self-management.

  • Leadership qualities.

  • Language empowerment


Narayana e-TECHNO Schools provide an academic synergy of career-foundation and life skill development, seeking to create innovators of the future. Established in 2008, with 208 branches in the country, the institution offers quality education to over one lakh students enrolled from standard VI to X. This encourages us to constantly evolve impeccable educational training by imparting creative thinking and communication skills in a stress-free learning environment, among aspiring engineers and medical professionals of the contemporary world.

Our conceptualizations of integrated syllabi for pure science courses and decentralized teacher training method have gained traction over the years and enjoy renewed appreciation today, following Narayana’s performance in competitive exams over 37 years.
With special emphasis on good performance and selection in competitive examinations at State, National and International level, Narayana e-TECHNO Schools believe in pioneering new trends in the areas of technology, innovation and research. The amicable ambience and use of audio visual media supports an objective approach towards concept-oriented thinking in our students, counseled and guided regularly by our dedicated faculty. The mutually significant trio of subject knowledge, conceptual skills and personal competencies are given utmost priority, in creating global leaders of tomorrow.

Exclusive Programme designed to crack JEE and MEDICAL ENTRANCE Exams at NATIONAL LEVEL.
  • Integrated syllabus with Research Oriented Audio - Visual teaching.
  • Common schedules Common teaching, Common Examinations and Common Analysis
  • Special Focus on Mathematics and Science Olympiads.
  • Critical Approach to Problem Solving Skills.
  • CDF Programme to strength the fundamentals
  • Error list programmes to rectify the mistakes made in the weekly tests
  • Practicals with well furnished lab facility in Physics, Chemistry & Biology.
  • Edutainment through weekly activities and Projects
  • Activities through Video Conference across the State.
  • Exclusive Clubs for extempore building.
  • Leap Programmes inculcated with English lab activities enrich communication skills.
  • Grooming Talent through Robin age Monthly Magazine
  • Frenzy events and celebrations
  • e-diary facility for parents

6th,7th,8th,9th MPC Simple Holiday Package _PONGAL.


The Champion of Medical Entrance Examinations

Exclusive Programme to focus on INTERNATIONAL BIOLOGY OLYMPIAD and to secure TOP ranks in NATIONAL and STATE LEVEL MEDICAL ENTRANCE exams like AIIMS, AFMC , JIPMER, EAMCET, KCET . etc.

  • Integrated syllabus with Research Oriented Audio-Visual teaching.
  • An exclusive biology lab for practical orientation of concepts.
  • Specially designed A-V modules for critical concepts in science.
  • Result Oriented Medical Material to help the students to succeed in medical entrance exams.
  • Common National wise ranking with customized assignments for the error’s made in the weekly tests.
  • Edutainment through activities and projects.
  • Guest lecturers through video – conference.

Unique features of Narayana schools and it's specialized Programmes are

The world-renowned phenomenon of Hawthorne Effect demonstrates that an individual’s working behavior is highly influenced by the kind of physical environment he or she is placed in. Narayana Group of Schools makes continuous efforts to take care of such influences that are directly related to student’s overall well being, by creating amicable ambiences.

Air conditioned Class Rooms:

Each class room is air conditioned, not so much for the luxury of students but to enhance their working thresholds to greater levels.

Relaxation Techniquies:

Students are taken though relaxation techniques, yoga and meditation three hours a week to cope with several ongoing hours of academic activity.

Open for timely Interactions:

Parents can conveniently meet with teachers when they can to discuss the progress and needs of their children. Our teachers make sure they take special care in tackling every concern raised during such interactive and fruitful meetings.

Computer Lab:

Every Narayana e-Techno Programmes makes use of sophisticated computer labs where general curriculum is taken several notches higher. Students browse various web-sites to gain a global view of the latest innovations in technology around the world.

Libraries and Laboratories:

Integrated classroom libraries and state-of-the-art laboratories contribute to the benefit of the activity-oriented approach of learning every day. The latter has been proved to be highly productive environments to our subject enhancement programme

English Lab:

Grasp over linguistics and vocabularies in English are strengthened with Chirpeng activities and publications, deliberated upon appropriately yet creatively

The sheer nature of audio-visual media and omnipresent technology in Narayana’s e-Techno programme makes the course exciting to follow, justifying the term ‘edutainment’

Students also get to participate in mind-space broadening activities like group discussions and mind-mapping techniques along with quizzes on applying thought, data sufficiency, mental ability, logical reasoning, and folding and unfolding of concepts. This allows them to fulfill the much needed objectives of stimulating minds and developing conceptual skills, two crucial determinants of personal competency.

From the standpoint of inculcating value education, communication and entrepreneurial skills are deliberated upon effectively. Customized communication guidance, laboratory-based English training, leadership inspiration, yoga, meditation and many more soft skills are imbibed into students, alongside explaining their significance in a competitive world

Video conferencing at Narayana (VCAN programme) is provision to the advantage of students for cross country communication and interactive programmes like quiz, just- a-minute (JAM) and many others.

Our journey towards innovation and universality is incessant. In pursuing it, the Olympiad programme insists on e-projects where the use of computers compliments regular education to a new high. Students are assigned these projects wherein the purpose of research and presentation is driven by topics of personal interest. They help in inculcating scientific temper and zeal for constant learning while developing team spirit and co-ordination at work.

Narayana Olympiad Programme conducts the following examinations throughout the academic year :

  • Weekly JEE test
  • Weekly Online CDF (Concepts, Definitions and Formulae) test
  • Formative Assessments
  • Term-wise Summative Assessment
  • Quarterly examinations
  • Half yearly examinations
  • Annual examinations

Reinforcements or rewards are instrumental in deriving sense of one’s work, both quantitatively and qualitatively. More importantly among competition, they act as checking mechanisms when one has strongly decided upon future goals.

Such a system, where temporary ranks define relative performance, gains traction in context to competitive examinations, at state, national and international levels. It gives students several opportunities to make appraisals of their position among others, and assess improvement strategies from time to time.

There is a popular saying that to err is human. But there is also another which challenges it- Practice makes one perfect. The consequences that errors can have on focus and determination are far-reaching. Naryana Group of Schools put in best efforts to eliminate them as much as possible by adopting a zero error plan

Our faculty takes the time to list out different kinds of errors students make in their tests. An hour is dedicated for them to identify where they had gone wrong and practice the right methods to rectify them. Depending upon the nature of error, we compose questions of increasing levels around the same. Further counseling and training is provided in case of any ambiguity. This will not just effectively stop the error from recurring but will also make the entire error category dormant.

Zero error Policy = Identification (I) +Rectification (R)+ Counseling (C)+ Training( T)

Weekly tests are now attempted and evaluated online as against on paper, which is a conscious exercise of environmental protection at Narayana, inspired by its motto “Go Green, Save Life.” However, we do not discount the importance of practicing for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) which is required to be attempted on paper (OMR sheet) and evaluated online.


Narayana Olympiad School, a flagship project of the Narayana Group of Schools, seeks to gather the best practices of the competitive world into its dynamic academic scenario. Established in 2006, it has 30 branches with over 7000 students enrolling each year in standards VI to X, the institution has embarked upon the philosophy of a strong educational foundation in today’s student generation and is proud of its preference among aspiring Engineers and Doctors.

With special emphasis on competitive examinations at State, National and International level, Narayana Olympiad Schools believe in ensuring to put their best foot forward for students in clinching Top Ranks and International honors’. To this end, it constantly pioneers new trends in the areas of technology, innovation and research. The amicable ambience and use of audio visual media supports an objective approach towards concept-oriented thinking in our students, counseled and guided regularly by our dedicated faculty. The mutually significant trio of subject knowledge, conceptual skills and personal competencies are given utmost priority, in creating global leaders of tomorrow.

Every board of education in India differently imparts training and skills to students through varied syllabi and preparation techniques. But to integrate similarities and differences in a meaningful manner, bringing the best of all academic worlds into one holistic approach, is the most effective in all-round development.

At Narayana Olympiad Schools, we follow this approach in our training programmes by combining concepts from State Board, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IB boards comprehensively. It will guide students to understand Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry objectively, in solving complex numerical and logical problems. Be it competitive examinations or entrance tests for State, National and International professional courses, students attempt them boldly and with heightened confidence. This model of educational training is sure to create a substantial difference in the personality of students which parents can be proud of.

: Based on particular topics, micro level plans are formulated by identifying their basics, concepts that need to be mastered and related subtopics.

: With these guiding plans in the backdrop, identified syllabi are taught to students through prescribed textbooks with additional illustrations and examples

: Students further apply this knowledge in solving problems on each concept from Level-1 to Level-5, including questions from competitive exams of previous years and other international reference books. This stage is crucial as they eventually master the content they are tested on.

: Students review their retention of the acquired knowledge and capabilities in solving cumulative assignments based on multiple concepts

International standards of education suggest that the teacher-pupil ratio at schools must meet the 1: 14 figure, which guarantees quality outreach of education to every individual. At Narayana Olympiad Schools, each class is mentored by an expert faculty accompanied by four assistant teachers (1+4 system of training), bringing the teacher-student ratio to 1:10. We take pride in the enthusiasm and contribution of our dedicated faculty in meeting such global standards for good education.

Our success as an academic institution lies in the equal emphasis we place on both theory and practice. The 1+1 system, wherein each teaching class is followed by a work-out class, defines the formula to perfection. Based on their performance in a series of tests on basic concepts conducted during the initial phase of the academic year, students in each class are formed into five sub groups, ascending from E1 to E5.Decentralized Teacher Training and Counseling Method: Each of these sub groups is headed by an associate faculty who will work towards closely identifying and improving performance positions of each student by catering to their individual academic needs. He or she will also counsel them along with the Principal, Vice Principal and the main faculty in comparing test scores from each subject, leaving no stone unturned in correction and improvement.

This idea of stepping up students at every juncture takes care of completing the LUMRA cycle of learning within the same class. It helps students at Narayana in successfully eliminating stress in learning processes that they would otherwise face with centralized modes of teaching.

Narayana Olympiad Schools compliments their training plans with all the following required and additional material regularly provided to all students enrolled in its programmes:

  • CDF (Concepts, Definitions and Formulae) books
  • Micro schedules of all the subjects separately.
  • Multi color Olympiad Text Book volumes that comprise of Chapter -wise synopsis & worksheets
  • Activities question papers with solutions (weekly).
  • Weekly CDF & JEE test papers with solutions.
  • Board study material and workbooks.
  • Formative and Summative tests question papers.
  • Competitive modules (NTSE, RMO, JSO and AMTI).
  • A monthly newsletter (Young Tarang) that offers a platform for students to engage in creatively
  • Projects and related VIVA solutions.

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