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The Indian Administrative Service (IAS), the Indian Police Service (IPS), and the Indian Foreign Service (IFS), among the most distinguished civil services in the country, are covered under the ambit of the All India Services (AIS) under the Constitution of India. Aspirants aiming to be recruited to these services are required to appear for the Civil Services Examination (CSE) conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Considering the importance and stature of these posts, it is an accepted fact that the sole aim of this examination is to admit candidates of formidable merit into the highly regarded Indian civil services. It also goes without saying that the job of civil servants is sincerely special, which, in turn, obviously renders the CSE a tough exam to ace. And as anyone who has cleared the Civil Services Examination will tell you, training for this one requires students to not just be completely devoted to the task ahead but also undertake unrelenting coaching.

The Narayana Group has a proven track record of facilitating and delivering tremendously favourable results in a large variety of competitive exams at both national and international levels. The Group's success rate enables it to understand precisely the kind of structured approach and intense training that an exam of such a stature necessitates. In fact, the Narayana Group, among Asia's largest educational conglomerates, is devoted to providing sublime training and education to all the IAS aspirants enrolled in its institutes. Established firmly in its prosperous experience of nearly four decades in academia, the Narayana Group is dedicated to ensuring all its students receive top notch education. The Group constantly strives to enrich students' lives by the means of its impassioned focus on comprehensive development.

Currently present in 13 states in India, the Narayana Group has over 360,000 students and employs 35,000 professional teaching and non-teaching faculty across its 560+ centres. It must also be noted that the Group's wide-ranging network of educational institutes not only includes schools but also coaching centres, junior colleges, medical, engineering and management institutions, and IAS coaching centres.

As a premier centre of all round education in India fortified by its rich experience, the Narayana Group offers another USP: a steadfast focus on delivering results. Consequently, the Narayana IAS coaching centres in Delhi along with other institutes under the Group's purview undertake a wide range of holistic measures to enable students to achieve excellent results in all types of entrance tests and competitive examinations.

The Narayana IAS Academy is one of the most illustrious haven for civil service aspirants seeking high quality IAS coaching in Delhi. Founded in 2007, the Narayana Group's IAS Academy has continually demonstrated its performance history of providing splendid education to students in order to aid their efforts to confidently prepare for one of the toughest examinations in the country the a.k.a. Civil Services Examination. Students at the Academy are offered four integrated and one exclusive Civil Services programmes. Each of these meticulously developed programmes include systematic preparation plans, expert institutional and visiting faculty, appropriate infrastructure, etc. so as to help students achieve foremost ranks in the All India Services examination.

Suffice it to say that the Narayana IAS Academy's most vital features and provisions not only help ensure students receive top-tier educational training but also give the Academy a competitive advantage edge over the purported institutes for top IAS coaching in Delhi. Here are some of the Narayana IAS Academy's unique features:

The Narayana IAS Academy employs an intensive learning outlook to ensure that students get first-rate training and education. This approach is rooted in a comprehensively planned teaching system that is administered in different stages to provide integrated training practices to students. Take a look at the summary of this programme's vital elements:

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